Michael Harris

Sherry Treagresser

A Mineral County School District teacher is in jail after a traffic stop was conducted on April 9.

A 2007 Nissan hatchback, registered to Michael Harris of Mineral County, was involved in a traffic stop after the vehicle left Hawthorne towards Walker Lake.

The female passenger of the Nissan, Sherry Treagresser, was removed. While speaking with deputies, Treagresser pulled a black bag from under her shirt and threw it over the highway guardrail.

The contents of the bag contained approximately 3.7 grams of methamphetamines.

Harris, the driver, was identified and a search warrant was obtained for the Nissan and for his residence at 420 Randal Drive at Walker Lake.

A search of the residence produced packaging materials, a digital scale, multiple glass pipes and syringes.

The discovery led law enforcement to “believe they were involved in the sales and use of methamphetamine,” according to a press release from Mineral County Under Sheriff Bill Ferguson.

Harris was booked on multiple charges including intent to sell. His bail was set at $61,340. Treagresser was also arrested with a bail of $68,650.

Harris is an employee of the Mineral County School District where he teaches high school special education. Treagresser’s employment is unknown, but a search of her name brought up charges that were filed in Washoe County as of last year.

The reveal of these charges has left members of the county bewildered and angered.

Jennifer Isom, mother of a child with needs at Mineral County Junior High/High School wrote on Facebook, “The school wonders why I fought so hard for Miss Kellie [her child’s aide] for all those years. I don’t give two *&^% about your ‘highly qualified’ teachers. My very vulnerable son will not ever be left alone at that school without Miss Kellie by his side. I know her, I trust her. Not their revolving door of ‘highly qualified’ teachers.”

A student at Mineral County High School, Brooke Sasser expressed her opinion. “So all I’ve been seeing is loads of people bashing MCHS. Yes, a teacher was arrested. Yes, it’s kinda a big deal and a sensitive matter but is it an excuse to bash the entire school? No, it’s not. It’s not a fair representation of our school or all of our teachers. No one really knows what happened or the situation, so please stop saying bad things about our school and our teachers. You don’t know them and you don’t know our school and if you do, you should know better than to bash your own school. I get everyone has an opinion and something to say, but as a student of MCHS, it’s saddening to see people saying such awful things about the place I go to school.”

Mineral County School District was contact for comment and Superintendent Walt Hackford gave the brief statement, “These are highly sensitive and confidential issues that are being handled by our local law enforcement and our judicial system.”

Both Harris and Treagresser are being held in the Mineral County Detention Center.