July 10, 1939 – Aug. 10, 2019

Sadly we lost a queen, our matriarch. As our mother took her last breath, our Lord grabbed her by her hands and took her to eternal peace. You know we lose many loved ones in our lives but when you lose a mother, it hurts like no other. This woman was our everything. The one we turned to for advice, strength, laughter, tears. To not be able to pick up that phone anymore or a visit is gonna be one of the hardest things that we have to face. You’re with all your loved ones now, Mommie.

Good took you by your hand and took you home. He heard your pain and now you are our angel looking over us all. We love you and until God calls us to be with you is when our hearts will stop aching.

Shirley was born and raised in Salinas, Calif. She was the daughter of Frances and Leonard Doll. She is survived by her children: Nathan Valdivian, Salina Valdivian, Frank Valdivian and Anna Stephens; brother: Gary Doll; sister: Geri Doll; grandchildren: Chris Duran, Jason Valdivian, Theresa Valdivian, Natalie Valdivian, Tyler Valdivian, Michael Gallegos and Nicholas Almonte; great grandchildren: Rosealina Duran, Perla Duran, Christian Duran, Dominous Gallegos, Lorenzo Gallegos, Elizabeth Rose Valdivian, Steven Alexander Valdivian and Vincent Tirso Hunt; step daughter: Kelly Winters and nieces: Natasha, Christian, Thalia and Miranda as well as many nephews.

Shirley will be cremated and the family is asking for donations. Donations can be dropped off at Financial Horizons Credit Union under Anna Stephens.