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Mineral County firefighter Mike Rhodes and fire cadet Faith Bandoni flush hydrants in Hawthorne on Friday of last week.

A joint statement from Mineral County Fire Chief Chris Lawrence and Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant was issued in regards to the process of flushing and exercising fire hydrants in Hawthorne.

“Mineral County Fire must ensure that the system works and there are no problems with the fire hydrant in the case it needs to be used in an emergency situation,” Chief Lawrence stated.

The annual flushing and flow testing is also a requirement by the Insurance Services Office that sets the classification for public protection.

Over the next few weeks, crews will continue to flush and test hydrants throughout the town. Residents may experience a drop in water pressure or discolored water.

“Flushing fire hydrants is an important part of a healthy water system. Unfortunately, this action can create a discoloration and cloudiness in the water at your homes or business tap. This is a natural reaction to heavy water flows through the water mains. The sediment that settles into the bottom of the pipes is a creation of iron and minerals that exist in all-natural water sources. Although it’s not nice to look at, it is not harmful and will clear up within a few hours of the flushing action,” Grant stated in the press release.

If you have questions regarding the flushing of hydrants, please contact Chief Lawrence at 775-945-2497 or Grant at 775-945-2486.