90 Years Ago – The sage hen in Washoe county [were] to be in the same class as the buffalo unless protective measures are taken at once,” Harry Brown, county game warden, said to the Reno Gazette on his return from a trip through northern Washoe County. “There [were] no sage hen this year as compared to last year when there were hundreds,” he stated.

10 Years Ago:

  • For several days members of the University Of Mississippi National Center for Physical Acoustics, assisted by staff members of the National Severe Storms Laboratory were in Hawthorne making tests with weather balloons at the Hawthorne Airport. Eighteen sensor stations between Mina and Fallon to set up to gather the data for the instruments connected to the weather balloons. It was interesting to learn that these instruments are used to record the soundary of the explosions created by the U.S. Marine Corps Test Range explosions, southeast of Hawthorne.

20 Years Ago:

  • The Hawthorne Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire at the wrecking yard. The Hawthorne Ambulance was also busy during the prior week with 16 local calls.
  • The Hawthorne Stingrays hosted a swim meet and had swimmers from Yerington, Lovelock and Fernley participate with our swimmers. There was over a hundred swimmers and their families at the park.
  • The Mineral County Independent-News building on Fifth Street was sporting a new look when a new roof was installed.

30 Years Ago:

  • Kennecott announced that construction had commenced at its Denton-Rawhide Mine project in northern Mineral County. The project was to consist of an open pit mine, including heap leaching and processing facilities located about 38 miles northeast of Hawthorne. Kennecott had signed an agreement with Kiewit Mining Group Inc. (KMG) under which KMG would earn 49 percent net profits interest in the project by providing the construction and capital required to place the project in operation. Kennecott would operate the mine and retain controlling interest.

40 Years Ago:

  • Mineral County’s own Jack Roark, the 1978 national APBA Endurance Tunnel (ET) Class points champion, was to lead a field of the top race boat drivers in the country, who would be vying for over $5,000 in prizes and share of entry fees in the 13th annual “Walker 100 Marathon Boat Race” to was to be held at the Cliff House Marina.
  • A 4-roll package of bathroom tissue was 68 cents and a 49 ounce package of laundry detergent was 98 cents.

50 Years Ago:

  • Hawthorne Fire House was being enlarged with the construction of a 50×20 concrete block addition at the front of the existing building to permit adequate storage space for additional equipment including a pumper truck that had been recently acquired.
  • High water at Schurz was recorded as a portion of the recreation field was taking overflow water from Walker River and high water passed through the bridge on Highway 95 at north end of Schurz.

60 Years Ago:

  • Property valuations in Nevada’s 17 counties, as established by the county assessor’s on real and personal property and on public utilities, livestock and vehicles by the state tax commission, had been pegged for the 1958-1959 taxable year. Final adjustments were made by the tax commission in Carson City. Mineral County, with a gross valuation of $7,519,144 but a valuation of approximately $6,900,000 after exemptions, is down to 14th place among the 17 counties. Clark had the largest valuation of any county in the state.
  • Sliced bacon was 89 cents for twopounds and a six-ounce jar of Folgers Instant Coffee was 87 cents.

70 Years Ago:

  • Wednesday night the Desert Theatre was broken into and the net “take” was $14 in cash, four flashlights, a fishing reel and knife and some small jewelry items. Thursday night the Sugar Bowl was broken into, but before three young boys could make their get-away, city officers had taken them into custody at the soft drink parlor which was located on 5th Street near D. As a result of the theatre robbery the officers were closely watching certain suspects, including the three young boys and when the latter gained entrance to the Sugar Bowl, through an outside basement entrance, the officers entered the building and caught the boys in the act of burglarizing a punchboard and two slot machines, according to Chief of Police Joe Collins.

80 Years Ago:

  • The Independent-News was informed that Senator Pat McCarran had obtained approval of a WPA allotment in the amount of $3716 for a street improvement project throughout the town of Hawthorne, included in this project was a work schedule of leveling and grading of streets for sidewalk construction and completion of the installation of street lighting facilities stated several months prior and appurtenant work.
  • For the first time in five weeks the Mineral County Hospital did not have its “standing room only” sign out. There was one vacant bed on that day but no assurance that the situation would continue as there were several cases for which reservations had been made. Chief causes of the “rush” at the hospital had been confinement cases, accidents on construction work and illness among persons living in outlying mining districts.

90 Years Ago:

  • Color and novelty were the outstanding features of the big Saturday night dance and spread that were staged by Mesdames M.A. Murphy and W. Reed and Mr. Edward Duncan in honor of the launching of their U.S.A. Coffee Shop, adjoining the Mineral Club.
  • Great improvement in range conditions and years of time would be required to rebuild the cattle industry in Nye County was the opinion of J.B. Humphrey, head of the United Cattle and Packing Company, who was in Tonopah to attend the quarterly meeting of directors of the Tonopah Banking Corporation. He said that the range probably was in worse condition than even the oldest inhabitants of this section of the state had ever seen and that it was far worse than at any time since he had went into the cattle business in 1910.