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Two wild burros born in Mineral County were adopted at an event in Carson City. In all, 11 saddle-trained horses were sold for a total of $30,500.

Two wild burros, both 2-year old johnnies, who were born at and gathered from Mineral County’s Marietta Wild Burro Range in 2017, were adopted at the Bureau of Land Management adoption event held at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Carson City.

The star of the day was Punch, a 5-year-old saddle trained black gelding, who was gathered in November of 2016 from the Rock Creek Herd Management Area near Elko. Punchy fetched $5,300 and was one of 11 horses trained over four months by the Nevada Department of Corrections – silver State Industries.

The event rendered $30,500 for the animals with bids starting off at $150. The two burros were sold for a total of $700.

After animals are in the care of their owners for one year with proper care, the adopters receive title of ownership to the animal from the federal government. The BLM uses programs such as this to place animals into private care.

Since 1971, BLM has placed more than 245,000 wild horses and burros into private care. Many of these animals become companion, work or show animals. The next saddle-trained wild horse adoption and bid auction at Northern Nevada Correctional Center is scheduled for Oct. 19. More information can be found online at