Submitted by Betty Easley

Betty Easley
Some vintage Warbird aircrafts will be on display at the Hawthorne Airport Saturday.

Many names like vintage, antique, heritage and classic have been given to obsolete type aircraft no longer in production but have been preserved for flying or as static display.

A true Warbird is also in that class, but is the military aircraft veteran that at some time served in a branch of the military and there are many organizations and individuals who are dedicated to maintaining them for future generations to remember their importance in the history of military aviation and to admire their beauty and sound.

The Reno Air Races is a good place to see many Warbirds that are still used in the Unlimited and the T-6 Classes and other Warbirds fly demonstrations or are on static display.

Weather permitting, there will be some Warbirds on display at the Hawthorne Airport Armed Forces Day Open House and some will be flying in the Parade Flyover beginning at noon on Saturday, May 18. Some are owned by individual pilots and others are supported by two local organizations dedicated to preserving military history and sharing their aircraft. The High Sierra Squadron based at the Reno-Stead Airport, Nevada plans to come for Armed Forces Day. They are part of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) based in Texas.

The Cactus Air Force Wings and Wheels museum of Carson City, Nevada is privately owned and operated and has a collection of Warbirds and also military vehicles and many are operational and they plan to support us this Armed Forces Day. The Cactus Air Force’s volunteers are dedicated to refurbish and preserve their aircraft and military vehicles and it takes thousands of man hours to accomplish their goal.