Submitted by Darren Hamrey

The Serpents rushed into heavy competition last week with a three game varsity set, plus a JV game for the road. The Serps dropped two of the three varsity games, as well as the JV, but faced formidable teams in all contests.

First, in a road trip to the shadows of the snow covered Sierra Nevadas, they faced the Mammoth Huskies. The Huskies, a solid team, having taken the trophy at our very own El Capitan Classic this season, brought a challenging game to the Serpents on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

Ethan Nelms had a strong outing on the bump for the Serpents in the first game, allowing only two runs. The Serpents held the lead into the 5th inning, when the Husky bats came alive, turning the tide of the game that eventually ended in a 10-5 loss for the Serpents. Gavin Burroughs, Tony Dominguez, and Treven Wachsmuth each scattered two hits. Dominguez and Bodie Oberhansli both roped doubles.

The second game ended about like the first, with the Serpents succumbing to the Husky assault in a 14-8 loss. The Serps had another head start, with a 4-0 lead through the third inning. Treven Wachsmuth pitched for the Serpents through 2 2/3 innings, carving up the Husky lineup by striking out 8 and allowing only one hit on his exiting batter faced. David Ditmer and Dominguez had two hits each, while Ditmer and Wachsmuth each hit doubles.

The next day the Serpents travelled to Reno for a second doubleheader against the Hug Hawks. The Serpents split with the Hawks during their last meeting, taking a loss to a hard-throwing and crafty right-hander. Luck has it they would face that same righty once again. The result would be different this time however, as the Serpents won the first game 14-13.

Wachsmuth still had remaining pitches on his pitch count from the day prior. He got the start and struck out 11 over four innings. Numerous pitchers on staff came in relief in a back and forth effort by both teams, coming into the bottom of the 7th inning with a 14-10 lead. The Hawks were able to put runners on early and a few runs on the board. Pitcher Phillip Dees was able to register two outs on three runs. The score was then 14-13 with runners on 2nd and 3rd, and a hitter that Dees had balanced in a count with one ball and two strikes. Pitching Coach Kyle Isom then called for relief in Wachsmuth to change the momentum of the Hawks offensive barrage. Wachsmuth still had two pitches left on his pitch count but he only needed one, striking out the final hitter to win the game.

The last game of the week was a JV game for both teams. The Hawthorne JV lost 10-4 in a strong effort. Matt Castro and Glenn Reeves both had two hits. Julio Alvarez had a strong defensive outing on the mound, with Reeves in relief. Preston Jaramillo held down a solid defensive effort at 2nd base as well.

The Serpents played Round Mountain on Tuesday, and host the Wells Leopards on Saturday in a battle for the Northeastern 1A Conference championship.