Dear Editor,

I want to say thank you to everyone who has or will be donating items for our raffle and auction for the June 15 Hughes and Trujillo fundraiser.   We’ve had several people already commit to an item or two but we are in desperate need of more raffle items and auction items.  This is a great way to make money for the families.  Without items the families will not profit as much and profit is what this is all about.

I would also like to thank everyone who has reached out to offer a helping hand whether it’s to mark the course, kitchen help, food prep, food donation, card stops, sweeper, auctioning, announcing, whatever you have or will be doing is very much appreciated.  The Hughes family and the Trujillo family are more than grateful.  

For anyone wanting to donate a raffle item, auction item or labor contact myself at 316-2562, Tab Pellet at 741-3260 or Mandee White at 316-1912. 

Thank you, Mineral County; once again we are pulling together in a desperate time of need.  We love you all and look forward to seeing you June 15 at 8 a.m. for sign ups at the VFW.

Nancy Rutherford


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the class of ‘56  we were sorry to hear of the passing of our classmate, Max Snow.  After graduation we may have all lost touch but Max touched our lives.  English teacher, Catherine Barlow, once told me “that Max was one of the most intelligent students she had the privilege to teach”.  Also, should you care to research it; there was an article in the MCIN on 6/8/1955:  Junior Rifleman Shooting Match Winner….Max Snow received the medal for the Hawthorne Jr. Shooting Championships. (The competition was a total of 29 girls and boys).  He was an inspiration to many of us and our hearts go out to his family. 

Clarissa Mathwig (Clarice Werner)

Sacramento, Calif.

Class of ‘56

Dear Editor,

I will stand by my sheriff all the way in his effort to stop gun control. Gun control will not make us any safer. I watched a show last week on “Ghost Guns,” guns that are smuggled into this country with no serial numbers, from Mexico. Only crooks out there buy these guns. Good people would be defenseless against them. Anybody can pour gas in a bottle and tie a rag around it and light, what do they want to do next ban gasoline? When I went into the military at age 18, I took an oath that went this way, “I am an American fighting man, I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. So help me God.” I still stand by that today.

Jon Johnson


Dear Editor,

The Walker Lake Liars Race is back and scheduled for July 20. Anything that floats can be entered. More details to come.

Rick Isom


Dear Editor,

I see that certain left-wingers are getting bent out of shape because Constitutionalists want to defy a bogus law that infringes (illegally) on our rights.

Quoting our corrupt governor, “Yes it is illegal on the federal level, but we have to make it appear legitimate,” referring to the States’ illegal marijuana law.

He still doesn’t believe that Nevada has not seceded from the Union. He cannot grasp that Federal Constitution does not empower the legislature to change, override, or otherwise circumvent Federal law, the Law of the land, either. We live by one law for all, or we live in anarchy.

Illegal drug money has purchased our elected officials, who are now revealing themselves as hypocrites. One rule for them and disrespect for us. Drug money controls.

I may someday hear about a career criminal deciding to go straight for the rest of his life, because he could not pass a background check, yeah, hold your breath for that one.

Can’t we find some honest and reputable candidates next time?

Tom Bergeron, Sr.