The intent of this year’s Armed Forces Day pin is to recognize the involvement in and contribution to all branches of our military services by the Walker River Paiute Tribe, past, present and future.

The pin banner depicts an American flag in the shape of the lower 48, with “Armed Force Day – Across America, May 18, 2019” inscribed across the top. Emblems of the five military branches complete the banner.

Courtesy photos
Shown are John Lockwood, Commander, VFW Post 6825, Schurz, John Beavers, Hawthorne Lions Club, and Amber Torres, Tribal Chairman, Walker River Paiute Tribe, who coordinated in the design of this year’s Armed Forces Day pin. They are standing in front of the newly decorated Veterans Memorial Wall at the Tribal Headquarters in Schurz. The American Eagle, upper left, represents all American Indians who have served in our Armed Forces; flags on the upper right are the Tribal Flag and flags of each of the five services; emblems of each of the services and the inscription “Walker River Paiute Tribe Honor All Who Served” complete the decoration.

The left dangle is the Walker Lake Paiute Tribe emblem. The emblem signifies the boundaries of the original Walker River Paiute Tribe Reservation, established by executive order under Ulysses S. Grant in 1874.

“Hawthorne Nevada, America’s Patriotic Home” is inscribed on the Nevada State dangle.

According to legend, before the arrival of the Paiute people, the world was entirely covered with water, suddenly a mountain called, Kurangwa, began to emerge from the Agai Pah (Trout Lake) also known as Walker Lake. The mountain is sacred and is known today as Mt. Grant.

Amber Torres, Tribal Chairman, Walker River Paiute Tribe would like to thank John Beavers and the Hawthorne Lion’s Club for including the Walker River Paiute Tribe on this year’s planning and creation of the Armed Forces Day pin. “We are all one community and need to collaborate to create a brighter future for the next seven generations.”

All proceeds from sale of the pins goes to Lion’s Club activities, such as providing eye glasses to those unable to afford them.

Because of the size and design of this year’s pin, cost will be $10. Pins are available from any member of the Lion’s Club or calling John at 775-945-0530 or Tammy at 775-945-2065.