hawthorne-familyA McKenna Family Reunion was held this summer in Pmfret, Vt. Hawthorne resident Mary McKenna, gathered with the East Coast McKenna’s making this the first “West Coast meets East Coast McKenna Reunion”.

The McKenna’s first moved to Hawthorne in the mid-1940’s. Father and mother, Jim and Kay, would reside at 856 F Street with their three children: Louise, Ron and George.

Jim would pass away in 1994 followed by Kay in 2003.

The McKenna children would begin their own lives. Louise would raise her family in California, Ron would stay in Nevada, moving back to his childhood home to care for his mother in her last year’s, where he and his wife Mary would reside until his death in the mid-2000’s. Today – the family home is still occupied by Mary and her partner, Carl. George would leave for Whitman College in 1958, onto the University of Chicago. He would end up in New England with his three children.

The 2016 McKenna Family Reunion would unite 30 family members, from many states, over the 4th of July weekend where family got together and shared memories and made new ones.