Dear Editor,

I just want people to realize that when I got that dog park completed was because I strongly rejected dogs out there doing their business and pissing on the names of those dead soldiers on those bricks and monuments. February was black history month, let use never forget that we all bleed on battlefields, one color, that is red. We must never lose fact of this.

Now some of the finest men I ever knew were when I was in the Marine Corps. Also, some of the worst a-holes,I ever met in my life were when I was in there. One particular incident when a Gunnery Sergeant came into the field hospital I was recuperating, IV’s, blood transfusions, coming in my injured arm, he hit me in the arm with a rifle butt, if I should ever seen him again ,I will even up the score. But by and large, the good men in there far outweighed the few bad apples. These guys were great I will love them forever.

Jon T. Johnson


Dear Editor,

A letter to Gov. Steve Sisolak

Re: Cannabis

There is no need for a “cannabis control board” as we already have one. It is called the FDA. Decades ago, the Food and Drug Administration designated marijuana as a Schedule 1 Narcotic. This designation was justified by the effect this drug has on the brain, and the unknown consequences of uncontrolled and unmeasured use. Long-term changes to the nervous system have yet to be determined. You readily admit that this drug is illegal, federally. So long as Nevada is part of the United States of America, it is illegal HERE. The Constitution clearly and unequivocally gives Federal Law Supremacy over any state or local law, and this has been reaffirmed repeatedly by the United States Supreme Court. Case Closed!

You suggest a “States Right Construct” gives you the right to “act like this is legitimate.” You can no more use a false States Right argument to defy the Federal Controlled Substances Act, than you could claim it to violate the Federal Civil Rights Act. As you know, that canard did not fly, and was struck down.

The truth is, this is really about drug addiction, and here, about drug MONEY addiction. You say that “cannabis is key to the Nevada economy.” That’s how addiction works. The drug dealers give you a taste of bushels of hundred-dollar bills, and you are hooked. You are now trapped, and subject to the demands to come —. What is next? Heroin, ecstasy?

There is no standard in effect for the blood-concentration of THC that is enforceable for DUI prosecution. The toxicity of marijuana has increased ten-fold in the last decade and no sound, science-based findings are available to determine the possible permanent damage that is done to the human brain. That is why the FDA cannot change its designation as Schedule 1 Narcotic. Until that is done, Congress cannot change the law. Until that happens, you are violating Federal Statute, (a FELONY) in the name of the people of Nevada. There was no shame in Vegas, and now, no shame in Carson City.

I ask you in the name of decency, and for the good of all Nevadans, to stop violating the law, in our name, and do the decent thing. Show our young people, our future, what character really looks like. End the lies and deceit. End the greed.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas A. Bergeron, Sr.


Dear Editor,

Being “socially” concerned and active, taking care of those who need or deserve it, is one thing. Socialism is an entirely different animal. Socialism always eventually results in government control of any and every aspect of life. That, then, absolutely ends up, every time, in totalitarian rule.

The loss of freedoms and resulting overwhelming regulation lead to a virtual collapse of capitalism. Government has always been a necessary element in any society. However, in and of itself, government has never, will never, can never, should never be the primary controlling factor of any country. The current trend on the left towards socialism has veered off the highway, carving its own illogical way towards a ruinous result. And, the current PC popularity contest on the left would allow for socialism, and the downfall of our great republic. But, it doesn’t have to.

Remember, The “worst thing is for good men to do nothing.” Sitting back in comfort and convenience can rob otherwise good men of their God given birthright. Allowing socialism any foothold, however seemingly inconsequential, will lead to ruin. Period.

Jeff Barrow