Dear Editor,

I am inviting people to attend the meeting being held at the planning commission office on March 13 at 6 p.m.  The matter of interest is the proposed “special use permit” for placement of a lighted billboard on private property bordering Highway 95 in the housing development and blocking the daytime view and obscuring the dark night sky with light to all residents of Walker Lake Community behind and in front of said proposed sign.  We are calling all resident owners to sign the circulating petition against the placement of this billboard and ask all who oppose it to attend the Planning Commissions Meeting with us on March 13.  

We (the Walker Lake community home owners) would like to get the word out to those owners in your readership who have not been informed of this development.  I believe there are many property owners who do not presently reside at Walker Lake who have not been informed. I live at Walker Lake and we have not been notified by the billboard company nor the county that they are in progress of this plan.  

Walker Lake Community is an unincorporated town and we purchased our properties in this scenic byway for the beauty of the area, the darkness of the nights to view the night sky, and lack of commercial blight.  We wish to protect our peace and quiet neighborhoods, our property values (which have been escalating in this real estate market).  The health and reclamation of our lake, the returning wildlife, the environment and the ongoing development of our residential properties has been our focus and our mission.  We are determined to uphold the original protective restrictions we all received and agreed to when we purchased our properties from Walker Lake Estates.  Many of us have resided in this community, built our homes to those specifications and have remained here many years.  

Now with the resurgence of interest in the properties along this beautiful lake we need to be more vigilant in protecting this area.  Walker Lake is the “Jewel of Mineral County”.  We cannot let it be spoiled and cluttered up by commercial advertisements; lighted billboards and the like. Our Walker Lake community has become the prime choice of many folks wanting to resettle away from large crowded cities; looking for pristine environmental surroundings. Mineral County would benefit from our work as we look to renewing our neighborhoods and inviting new homeowners to our area by offering living conditions we all cherish.  


Geri Taylor 

Walker Lake