Dear Editor,

This is a letter of thanks and five-star service to my doctors and the Mt. Grant hospital team. I had an emergency health issue last week and hospitalized for seven days.  This was a surprise, as I found myself going from an active independent lifestyle to one of change and required rest and tests.  I had no idea my health was in danger.

I experienced care from admissions; the emergency room; x-ray staff; laboratory team;  ultrasound;  EKG; night and day shift nurses/care givers; kitchen crew and housekeeping.

I want to share that the medical attention and services I received were professional, thorough, compassionate, timely, attentive and educational.  

The hospital team loves their work and their pride and dedication shows. Many are new hires and many have 20+ years of experience here. 

They smile and do the little details that make a difference to the patient. My coffee came with my morning vitals and the lab specialists could not have been more caring as hourly tests were 

performed and they knew I was nervous. 24/7 they were here for me.

My doctors visited daily (or more if needed) and communicated their plans and findings clearly.  They initiated research to find the cause of my condition, shared the information and diagnosed accordingly.

The hospital is not a place anyone looks forward to visiting.  However, I will say that the many people I have met here touched my life in a wonderful way.  

I thought the community should know that some very good people work here to help and protect you for a better life.

Thanks so very much for everything.  You saved my life.


Maryknoll Bowen

Walker Lake

Dear Editor,

In reading the commissioners report where Sheriff Adams was talking about deputies pay he is for sure right on the money. It is totally insane to ask a person to strap on a firearm and to protect and serve this community for that amount of pay.

One way to bring in revenue and everyone knows this from the first traffic citation they ever got. Why traffic citations? It’s all about “safety” which results in revenue which would help greatly to increase “deputies pay.” If you drive around town one could write 300 plus traffic citations on parked vehicles only, not to mention speeding; u-turns; stop sign runners and more. This is way overdue to start enforcing all traffic laws in this county. Wake the hell up, it’s all about public safety. And guess what, it brings in revenue.

In my writing about traffic citations, all money coming in should go into the sheriff’s department fund. And at least at this time should all be used to increase the salaries of the “deputies in Mineral County.”

Thanks for reading, have a safe week.

Butch Seymour