Dear Editor,

As the women that manage and oversee the employees and independent contractors at the Mustang Ranch, we wanted to express our sincere appreciation for all those that have and are dedicating their time to the staunch protection of women. We, like you, are passionate about ensuring women’s rights for equality and safety in the workplace. While we feel some of the efforts and proposed solutions might be misguided and misdirected, we are committed to the same cause and we are willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the critically important fight against sex trafficking and violence against women.

The Hollywood portrayal of prostitution ranges from a lavish and glamorous lifestyle to an illicit and dangerous activity full of pimps, drugs and the subordination of women. Movies like ‘Pretty Woman’ show women fighting over different parts of the street, giving their cash to a pimp to buy their protection and doing anything to make ends meet for the night. Films like ‘Moulin Rouge’ show the fabulous life of a diamond covered courtesan while also showing the entrapment that women face when living in a brothel. Despite their popularity, these representations couldn’t be further from the truth and only promote the misconceptions about legal prostitution and well-regulated brothels. In turn, these portrayals glorify and downplay the horrors many women face working illegally on the streets, in escort services and massage parlors or as victims of sex trafficking.

At the Mustang Ranch, we strive to provide the highest level of security and safety for our employees and independent contractors. Our owners and management are kind and respectful to all the women who walk through our door and have shown steadfast commitment to protecting and fighting against sexual misconduct or sex trafficking of any kind. Furthermore, thanks in part to the strict annual background check requirements we have in place, of the more than 3,000 work card applications we’ve received in our 15 years of business, not one of our workers or employees has ever been connected to the mafia, a drug cartel or been flagged as a victim of trafficking. Moreover, we are like mothers and sisters to many of the women that work at Mustang and our foremost priority is their safety and to ensure they are only working here because they choose to.

We fight to protect and, in many cases, save the women who walk through our door. We go face-to-face and toe-to-toe with the pimps and drugs dealers who fight to control women and we help them refocus their lives away from crime, violence and fear. While we manage the daily operations at the Mustang Ranch, we also take on the roll of confidant, mentor and advisee to these women by helping them secure photo identification, social security cards or immigration work papers. We work to empower the women that work here and, for those that need it, we help them detox off drugs, clear up any pre-existing criminal records and set up their lives for the future.

On behalf of everyone that works at the Mustang Ranch, we, the madams and managers, staunchly stand for the rights of women and to protect those that are oppressed by the dangerous lifestyles of illegal prostitution, escort services, massage parlors and more. We stand with all those willing to fight with us to ensure that these illegal avenues are removed from our society and that our legal and regulated institutions are preserved and we look forward to finding meaningful, effective solutions that further the opportunities for women long into the future.

The Madams of Mustang Ranch

Dear Editor,

The Western Pyrotechnic Association is proud to announce that the ninth annual “DO IT” fireworks convention will once again, return to Hawthorne on Sept. 18 for five days at the Hawthorne Racetrack on Bonanza Road. As in years past, the dirt bike trails at the track and surrounding open areas, are closed from Tuesday, Sept. 18 through the 23rd and will reopen on Monday, Sept. 24. We appreciate the cooperation of all persons who normally would ride in this area to abide by this closure as it’s for the safety of all.

All of our convention participants are eager to return to Hawthorne and entertain the community for these three nights. We have found that the community, by in large, supports and enjoys our event as much (if not more) than our membership does and so we gladly return to your community. We look forward to this event all year and many of our members favor this event over our larger event held in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. each February, due to the friendly and accommodating attitude of Hawthorne residents, county commissioners and local businesses.

Nightly fireworks can be viewed from designated areas along Bonanza Road and we welcome your attendance. Please follow parking and viewing area directions as prescribed by the Mineral County Search and Rescue team, as these areas are designated for your safety.

During the day, the testing of pyrotechnic devices will possibly be heard from the hours of 8 a.m. and concluding at 11 p.m. While we don’t intentionally come to your community to cause harm or discomfort to your pets, animals or livestock, it is the reality of fireworks to be unsettling for animals. We hope this article will be published well in advance of the event, so those of you with pets, can seek alternate lodging during this weekend and/or solicit the opinion and services of your veterinarian so as to minimize the discomfort your animals might experience. Also – do not bring your pets with you to view the fireworks. It’s very common to have pets run off due to the noise level and none of us want this to happen.

We look forward to returning to Hawthorne and making this a mutually beneficial event for all involved.

Thank you once again to Hawthorne, its residents and local officials for helping to make this event possible.

Mark these dates on your calendar and we hope to see you there.

Would you like to be a member of the Western Pyrotechnics Association and be a part of what’s happening? Please visit

Greg Dandurand

Dear Editor,

It’s back to school time—new clothes, new backpacks, new schools and new friends. But for some children, old fears arise.

For the student who stutters, the beginning of the school year is a time fraught with anxiety and doubt. Will my classmates like me? Will the teacher understand I may need a few extra seconds to get my words out? Will I be bullied?

One in five children may experience issues with fluency during early development. The Stuttering Foundation has help for students, parents and teachers. For practical help and up-to-date information, visit us at

Jane Fraser

President, Stuttering Foundation

Memphis, Tenn.


Dear Editor,

To Mineral County Independent-News,

Here is my renewal for another year. Still enjoy reading the paper. Of course, not much news in it regarding people my age and now the obits are of the younger generation. That made me feel old. Of course, I am – was 94 this year.

I do like it here with my siblings and many nieces and nephews. Still miss the people and mountains and climate. Do not like to read of all the drug problem.

Best wishes and God’s blessing.

Mary M. Konen

Little Falls, Minn.