Dear Editor,

Regarding Dennis Cassinelli’s ‘history’ article, Jan. 3, 2019 entitled “Mountains, Pyramids & Obelisks”; we enjoy the weekly ‘history’ column and love the newspaper. One correction – Moses received the Ten Commandments up on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 19:3). The Mt. Ararat (17,000 feet) the 450 foot ark of Noah is supposed to have rested as the flood waters receded (Genesis 8:4).

God Bless Hawthorne and Lord help us to restore Walker Lake.

Thank you all at Mineral County Independent-News from Fern and Joe Jordan on the west side of the Sierras in Garden Valley, Calif. We are rebuilding Willey Buffington’s 1959 GMC 450 truck which sat along U.S. 395 in Luning for 35 years. We are hoping it will be restored and ready to take Willie and Zoela Buffington in the 2020 Armed Forces Day Parade in their old truck.

Fern and Joe Jordan

J-L Jordan Hay & Livestock

Garden Valley, Calif.

Dear Editor,

I have good memories of Wilma Moody and her family. Seems people have good longevity if we make it to 90. 

There were long games of kickball in front of their house. I recall one late afternoon as dusk was setting in when small flames seemed to be coming from the back attic of the house just beyond the empty lot facing the Moody’s residence. We reported that to Wilma, convinced her the house was on fire so she called it in. I believe she was part of the volunteer fire squad in Hawthorne. Shortly after we realized the flames were actually coming from the almost invisible stovepipe originating from a short shed sitting just behind the house. By then the sirens were sounding so Wilma had us sit on her lawn while she dealt with the fire department as they arrived.

We could have been in so much trouble — but never from her.

Jim Sampson