Dear Editor,

Re: Protest of illegal issuance of Business License 9-5-18 marijuana production

To the Commissioners,

Your invalid attempt to issue a business license, to a company intending to act in defiance of federal statute, was not in conformance with existing federal law.

The authority to give any person, or persons, official permission to operate in an illegal way, in Mineral County, does not exist. The board of commissioners is bound by the same laws in effect as all other Americans. You have no as-yet undiscovered super authority to give anyone at all, your permission to disregard, and operate in defiance of, the law.

As you well know, the Constitution’s, Article VI “supremacy clause” absolutely and unconditionally gives Federal Law Supremacy over any inferior State or Local Law. To that end, the Nevada Statute, NRS 453 et al, is inferior to the superior federal law. It cannot be used to subvert the controlling federal statute. You know this.

Therefore, your action(s) on Sept. 5, 2018, are null and void. They were carried out in knowing defiance of the existing Federal Statute. No business can be allowed to operate under this illicit, false, so-called “license.” You have a real and unavoidable responsibility to the people of Mineral County, to provide a genuine, legally defensible legal opinion, provided by an attorney / law firm, with actual constitutional or meaningful, federal law experience, explaining how you are superior to federal law, and the Constitution itself.

Absent the provision of this legal opinion, absolutely no work must be permitted under this false document. To do so, you leave yourselves, and the county at large, vulnerable to any claims that may arise from the activities of that company.

This issue is not going to go away. It cannot be ignored, swept aside, or intimidated. Violations of law by public officials are not going to be taken lightly.

This issue is being pursued at the federal level. Carson City does not have the controlling opinion. Your best course of action is to rescind the unlawful “license,” and explore more honest and integrity-based avenues, to raise tax revenue.

Failure to respect the Law will only lead to chaos, and further degradation of our once proud community. Rescinding the false license, and then resigning, would be the most appropriate way to resolve this issue. Contempt for the people is not the way for public officials to conduct public business.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas A. Bergeron Sr.


Dear Editor,

So now that California has successfully transformed the once great state of Nevada into Cali 2.0.  As the rest of the country basically embraced the successes of now President Trump and the accomplishments made after almost losing our beloved country to a utopian fantasy of everything free and the do nothing era of our government.

Why can’t ALL elections, country and state wide be an Electoral College type election? As of now, the will of ALL Nevada people are being determined by a very small area cesspool known as lost wages, or Las Vegas! And for whatever reason, Washoe County? Other than those two small areas that are going to determine our lives, taxes, laws for the rest of this states population that will have to abide by, when they don’t understand our way of life not living in a s-ithole or cesspool city like Vegas or Reno. They don’t understand that when we have emergencies needing local government assistance, that we haven’t got the funding or personnel to man such services. So, too many times, we are on our own as far as immediate law enforcement protection, medical and or fire services.

We are on our own! But now that we’ve gone and elected a near total democrat government to represent us (4 out of 12 positions were elected Republicans into office with one already in the grave! Go figure!) Nevada has been invaded by California immigrants attempting to better their lives yet bring the corrupt and ineffective, inefficient government (that has ruined so many great and successful places), with them.

Nevada has been compromised! Look at most democrat run states and cities and tell me you want that here in Nevada. Do we want a Chicago type lifestyle or a California type neglect government, praising criminals, illegal aliens and become a sanctuary state? I wonder if we can just give California, Clark and Washoe counties and become the Nevada of conservative, common sense thinking and acting folks once again.

Lawrence Worthen

Walker Lake