Dear Editor,

A letter addressed to Shelley Hartmann, Mineral County Economic Development Authority

On behalf of the WIT Silver State Travelers, I wanted thank you for all the pre-rally information, coordination and guidance which helped make the meeting a great success.

When we met in May of 2018 to discuss a presentation, it was very obvious that you really know a lot about what is happening in Mineral County and take a lot of pride informing the public about Your Town, Hawthorne, Nevada.

I missed you at the meeting because of your continuing education commitment. However, Jim gave us a great presentation, covering all the elements we had spoken about. His insight on the I-11 highway project had the attention of our RV Club.

Jim started off his presentation with a safety message about informing others when exploring the back roads around Hawthorne. The day before the presentation he had shown me a location just east of town with a great view of the base and town. I had shared that with the group. On Saturday, the day following the presentation, the RV Park Manager stopped to give me a note with a phone number of a couple who had driven out to the overlook, and had a flat tire. They were ok and not far from town, and had a service truck coming up to help them out. I’m not sure if anyone was aware they had headed out, so keep those safety messages coming.

The theme of the rally was that “Every Town Has a Story to Tell”. Jim’s presentation gave our Club a great over view of Hawthorne’s economic, and recreational opportunities’ as well as the efforts to restore Walker Lake water quality and fisheries. A few attendee’s, expressed to me interest in returning to Hawthorne to take in some river fishing Jim had talked to us about.


Robert A. Buchanan

WIT Silver State President

Dear Editor,

Former President Obama, in his attempt to “fundamentally transform” America, issued an illegal directive to his Attorney General, to suspend enforcement of the peoples’ laws, specifically the marijuana portion of the Controlled Substances Act. He excused this as “prosecutorial discretion.” A lie. Obama is gone, his term has expired. His directives ended when his term ended. His directives ended when his term ended. His discredited Attorney General is also gone.

There is a new sheriff in town, who promised to fully enforce the peoples’ laws. Congress never changed these laws, and violating them is a Federal Felony. The problem is that many of Obama’s cronies went into the cannabis business, making MILLIONS, and some of that dirty money has been converted into campaign contributions. Get the picture? Look behind every crooked, contortion of law, and you find exactly the same thing…follow the money.

Mineral County is not immune to the pressure that drug money can apply. Look around. Isn’t there enough illicit drug activity here already? One candidate for Board seat C, says he wants a lot more dirty drug activity, so long as the polls get a cut of the cash, while his opponent says she is opposed, but thinks it is “probably inevitable.” These are our choices? Where in the hell is our County Legal Counsel? Why is he silent?

The recent Board issuance of a business license, for the purpose of engaging in illegal production, and sale, of prohibited marijuana, was a blatantly illegal act, violating not only Federal Law, but the

Commissioners’ oath of office.

Can you imagine the humiliation a good defense attorney can inflict on a drug prosecution, where the Sheriffs’ dept. and the Prosecutors’ operation are subsidized in part, with illegal drug money? That will certainly make life better here.

How about the schools? Show us a teacher, social worker, counseling kids about illegal drugs, when their budgets are partially funded with dirty pot cash. These young people can recognize, and dismiss hypocrisy, just as well as us.

We have reached that dreaded fork in the road, where one leads to a clean, respectful community, we can be proud of, the other takes us right down the crapper. It should not be a difficult choice.

Please folks, the decision will not affect you alone, but all who will come after. DEMAND respect for, and adherence to, the Law of the Land, the peoples’ law.

Respect yourself, and your children, stop this now.

Tom Bergeron Sr.