“It is every kid’s dream to come to America,” Anastasiya Kravets explained. Unlike the opportunities most youth are accustomed to in the United States, Kravets comes from the country of Turkmenistan.

A sovereign state located in Central Asia, Turkmenistan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the north and east, Afghanistan to the southeast and Iran to the south and southwest. The Caspian Sea borders the country on the west.

Kravets is an International Student who currently resides with Dale and Teresa McNally, both long time residents of Hawthorne. The couple had talked about possibly adopting a child and when the opportunity arose to bring Kravets to Mineral County – the couple did not hesitate.

“This is the best experience we have had as a couple,” Teresa exclaimed.

Kravets is currently enrolled in Mineral County High School as a senior, though she has already completed her schooling in Turkmenistan (except for a final exam). The youth is fluent in Russian, Turkmen and English.

John Gavin, counselor at the high school explained that Kravets has “quickly became one of the most popular students at Mineral County High School. She was very shy on her first day of school, but that did not last. She has a huge group of friends that use such words as ‘fun’ and ‘crazy’ to describe her.”

As much as she likes to be a regular teen, Kravets explained that in Turkmenistan students go to school six days a week. Unlike America, boys are required to wear a suit, including tie and girls wear a long traditional dress with sleeves with traditional designs.

She is confused by American football and her “American” dad’s love of avocados. Dale loves to tease Kravets stating that “if you see a large avocado out trick or treating this Halloween, it’s Anastasiya.”

In Turkmenistan, Kravets is the oldest child of three. Her mother is a primary teacher and her father a welder for a contractor. Teresa explained that Kravets’ country is “oil rich”.

“Anastasiya admits that she likes to have fun, however she does take education seriously and currently has straight A’s in her classes,” Gavin explained.

“I would like to be a pediatrician after I complete college,” she explained. In high school, she likes chemistry and government the most.

“She has already memorized the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” Dale boasts about his international daughter.

The McNally family is taking trips around Nevada, showing Kravets different sites and important places in history. While visiting the state capitol in Carson City, she fell in love with the trees and wanted to live in the governor’s mansion.

In June, Kravets will walk with her class and become an official Serpent alumni.