Mineral County Commissioner highlights from July 18

Safety message

The safety message was delivered by Fire Chief Chris Lawrence and addressed dehydration in the workplace.

Public comment

Sheri Samson addressed the board about the nuisance ordinance and explained that she was given the wrong ordinance (which wasn’t on the books). She explained that everything online including Sterling Codifiers does not include the new ordinance. “My head is spinning as I’ve been working off the wrong ordinance,” she said.

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton stated that when an ordinance is voted out that it reverts to the prior ordinance.

Craig Nixon asked why are the commissioners working on an ordinance that the community didn’t want? “In my view, we need to work on the 2013 edition.”

District Attorney Sean Rowe advised that the community needs to work with the building inspector.

Accounts payable

Deputy Recorder-Auditor Teresa McNally presented the capital outlays to the commissioners. The following capital outlays were presented: Dell Marketing – $2,081.57 for Hawthorne Utilities; Western Nevada Supply – $13,748.48 for Mina/Luning water level tank control valve (Hawthorne Utilities) and Western Nevada Supply – $18,884.20 for the Hawthorne reservoir flow control valve (Hawthorne Utilities).

Tipton asked why the county is writing checks for 21 cents. McNally stated that the board advised departments to estimate what a yearly cost would be and the only one that responded was Care & Share.

Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer explained that she had made a transfer from PILT.


A letter regarding off-road vehicles was read by Deputy Clerk Bonnie DeMars. Tipton discussed another letter.

BLM update

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Stillwater Field Manager Ken Collum updated the commissioners on Pilot-Table grazing; a forage project is being worked on in Gabbs Valley; Rawhide has the final draft and will be going out for public comment; Isabella Pearl is clearing ground; Teel’s Marsh is continuing and hopefully will receive funding; Thor Mining is working on a project at the old Dunam property; exploration companies are being told to contact the county for permits; boat ramp is still being discussed; Vegas to Reno race using 2016 route; recreation map is being reviewed by Walker River Paiute Tribe; Sierra Trail Dogs just had their event with 110; agreement with county and Forest Service will be signed and there will be a new recreation director. Collum can bring in any specialized person for the commissioners to meet. Collum also wanted some information on the lake level.

Liquor license

The following liquor license was approved for John Stroud, VFW Post 2313 for a wedding at the USO building.

Storage unit

Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant met with the commissioners to purchase storage unit for permanent records for the six departments within Hawthorne Utilities. The cost will be disbursed within the six departments. The utilities have a conex box and it is not efficient. Discussion of using old courthouse vaults. He would like to put the records into the “Cecil” yard. The cost would be $6,000 and was approved out of the utilities budget.

Secretarial contract

The secretarial contract for Joyce Brown for the Mineral County Regional Planning Commission was addressed by Mark Nixon and an extra $250 was requested for the work on Chapter 17 and Natural Resources and Land Use Plan.

Mark was not at the meeting. Commissioner Chris Hegg asked that this item be extended until the next meeting.

Public Works Director Eric Hamrey also asked that the item regarding Brown and her secretarial services for the Hawthorne Industrial Airport/Mineral County Airport Land Use Advisory Committee also be tabled.

Desert Ready Mix

Hamrey explained to the commissioners that the airport committee had approved a one year renewal of lease for Lot 18 at the Hawthorne Industrial Airport for Desert Ready Mix. The lease did not change only extended for one year. Desert Ready Mix is getting ready to pour concrete for Isabella Pearl and some base jobs. The lease was approved.

NDOT work program

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) met for consideration, discussion and possible acceptance of NDOT’s upcoming Fiscal Year Work Program. Rudy Malfabon, director of NDOT, met with the commissioners and introduced those in attendance.

Some concerns from those in Nevada are wildlife collisions. Discussion about sheep at Walker Lake and possible preventive measures. Again, discussion of Walker Lake residents providing a water source for the sheep to drink from was discussed.

Interstate 11 was one of the big items of discussion for Hawthorne stated Malfabon. Discussion of pedestrian crossing by McDonalds and Golden Gate Petroleum for pedestrian safety. Hamrey also discussed lowering the speed limit on the bypass near these businesses.

Speed detection signs will be placed in Mina this fall. Also, signs for high wind warnings was discussed and would be similar to that in Washoe Valley.

Malfabon went over the traffic counts for Mineral County. Culvert replacement was discussed for storm water flows. Chip sealing near Walker Lake and Montgomery Pass.

Commissioner Garth Price via phone expressed his concern about the overwhelming traffic on Highway 95. He asked for passing lanes. Malfabon stated under the freight program – there could be funds for this project.

Lee Blotter explained that Churchill County also expressed the problem with traffic and the issues between Schurz and Fallon.

Malfabon will be going over traffic numbers between the time of the opening of the U.S. Highway Parkway and now.

The commissioners accepted the work plan for NDOT.

Parcel APN #006-630-03

Hamrey discussed with the commissioners the possibility of putting out to bid at public auction APN# 006-630-03; a Mineral County owned hanger and lot at the Hawthorne Industrial Airport. The history of this property was discussed.

Rowe explained the process of doing the public auction for this property. Tipton explained that this item will be back up for discussion at the first auction in August. Hamrey was advised to work with Rowe on the language of this item.

Closed session

The commissioners went into closed session pursuant to NRS 288.220. Nothing was reported from that session.