Vic Trujillo
A community prayer was held at Mineral County High School Sunday.

People of all faith, colors and cultures met on Sunday beneath the Mineral County High School flag pole to “lift up our children, our teachers, our administrators, pray for the school grounds, pray for the cops that are going to protect our kids throughout the years,” said Minister Jeremy Williams, who spearheaded the event.

A five minute moment of silence was observed as well as a proclamation read by Reverend Robert Cox to over one hundred Mineral County residents in attendance.

When asked why he orchestrated this event, Williams said, “It was really out of obedience, when God placed the prayer at the school on my heart, I knew it wasn’t just for me but for the community to come together and put God back where he belonged. I was just the tool he used to announce his will.”

One attendee who attended the event stated, “I was very impressed.”

“Our children, teachers and administrators deserve to have the best year possible and I believe God is key in that goal,” Williams concluded.