Courtesy photo
First and second graders of Schurz Elementary School work on their vegetable garden.

Even before outside weather was permitting the proper conditions for spring planting, the students at Schurz Elementary School began planting a vegetable garden in their protected hoop house, which was constructed on campus, behind the main school facilities.

In conjunction with the University of Reno Cooperative Extension, this program was brought to them by community-based instructor, Jesse Harris, as a teaching method which included soil preparation, seeding, temperature, watering and maintaining a healthful garden. Included in this Veggies for Kids program, grade-appropriate lessons presented an emphasis on the complete growing process that included sunlight, oxygen and care. The fifth and sixth grade class planted cabbage, while other classes began planting separate areas to yield lettuce and other leafy vegetables in the future. A schedule has been arranged to continue with the commitment even through the summer months ahead.

Librarian Eileen Birchum, shared, “This creates a new teaching that is practical and hands-on for our students. While engaging them into the process of growing things, we are then tying in concepts with our library books and showing the children methods that assist in the creative flow of their new gardening adventure.”