As the haunting sounds of bagpipes filled the air, three officers of Mineral County Sheriff’s Office joined thousands of other officers to grieve for their fallen brothers.

Paying their respects, Sgt. Earl Perry along with Deputies Kyle Leslie and Brian Kharrl, would attend the funerals of Sacramento County sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr. who were killed in separate shootouts Friday, Oct. 24.

The time together was not to focus on the shooter, but that on the lives of the fallen. Deputy Danny Oliver was a 15 year veteran and Deputy Michael Davis Jr. died exactly 26 years to the date of that of his father, who was in the same procession.

But for those deputies from Mineral County who were able to attend, they will be forever changed by what they saw and heard that day. The comfort of those who know the struggles that law enforcement officers deal with daily.

“It was a very powerful and emotional experience but seeing the law enforcement community come together made me proud to be in this profession,” Leslie to Independent-News.

As for the outgoing sheriff, Stewart Handte stated, “We had the family, friends and co-workers of those in our thoughts during these tragic times. The profession itself is getting more dangerous by the day. We as law officers have to have heightened senses coming across people. Within this department we need to make sure we are trained for these situations. You can never train enough. I sincerely hope that the training continues with my successor.”