Maggie’s Once More, a long standing family-owned business came to an end this week.

Owned by Cal Lattin and Sharon Lattin with the help of daughter, Sarah Llewellyn – the business on 8th and E Street was first opened in 1992 by Sharon’s mother, Maggie Kountz.

Originating as Maggie’s Bakery – the then small building offered tasty treats and a salad bar for Mineral County resident. That year, Kountz’s husband suffered a heart attack and Sharon came home from British Columbia, Canada to help her mother.

Together, the family business began.

The bakery would transition into a restaurant, serving breakfast and sub sandwiches. Maggie would bake – Sharon would cook and waitress.

In 2002, Cal and Sharon would purchase the business from Maggie.

“We worked our asses off to have a flourishing and very successful business at the time,” Sharon told the Independent-News.

The business would sell in 2007 and again in 2012.

On July 24, 2014, the Lattin’s would regain the family business and rename it “Maggie’s Once More”.

“We went to work rebuilding. But due to health and staffing issues, we just can’t continue,” Sharon explained.

“People aren’t coming. The truck stop [on the bypass] killed us. People are not coming through town.”

Like many business owners today, the cost of rising food prices and minimum wage takes a toll on the owners, as well as the drive back and forth to Reno for supplies.

“We would like to thank all the locals who supported us. We appreciate it,” Sharon shared. “But right now, everything is for sale. It is heartbreaking. We put everything into this.”

“We want someone to buy and keep this restaurant open. It has a lot of options, for the town’s sake but our health and grandkids come first,” Sharon concluded.

The restaurant was named one of SOC Nevada LLC’s supplier’s of the year, in 2017, after feeding the troops who support the mission of the base.

Today – the building sits empty.