Justice of the Peace

Breanna Hatfield

Why do you want to be Hawthorne Township Justice of the Peace?

I want to be Justice of the Peace because it’s time for a cleanup. It is time for victims of crimes to feel that something was done on their behalf. It is time for those who continuously appear in this court room to be held accountable for their actions no matter the “influence” they were under at the time. It is time for the court as a whole to become better with its business services, time management and customer service. This community is better than what is receiving, and it is time that standard is now met on a continuous level and always striving to be better. This is not a computer job or a throw on a robe and do what you want job. This takes work and integrity. This is going to take someone who can be firm, fair and consistent and who is not going to tolerate the “good old boys” club. I am asking for the voters support because I am confident that I am the person for this job, no matter how difficult it may be. It is going to take someone to make tough decisions and hold their ground. I am that person.

What do you feel are the biggest issues facing the Justice of the Peace position in Mineral County?

One of the biggest issues facing this position is the negative reputation it has for not getting things accomplished in a just manner. This ties in with the serious lack of accountability for offenders and the constant plea deals that are accepted without taking the victims into consideration. Just because someone is under the influence of any substance at the time of the crime or arrest does not justify them not being held responsible for whatever crime took place outside of the substance abuse. This cycle of stagnant behavior has to be stopped. The people of this community, who work hard for what they have, deserve a better response from the justice system when crimes are committed against them or their property. If anyone had read any reviews regarding the Justice Court you will see that it is not just the courtroom that needs improvement but the office and business practices overall could use some polishing. Everyone who works for the county serves this community and therefore should hold themselves to a higher standard than what we are seeing. There is no excuse for poor customer service and poor office procedures, everything can be improved on.

Jim Kenner

Why do you want to be Hawthorne Township Justice of the Peace?

I would have to say the biggest reason I would like to be Justice of the Peace is to take corrective actions to boost the confidence and integrity of the Justice Court in the eyes of the citizens of Mineral County.  While no matter what issues come before the Court, I believe that it is important to hear both side of any disagreement or case.  However every case must be judged on its own merit to the evidence provided regardless of the infraction or disagreement.

I began my service to Mineral County in 2011 by becoming a Firefighter/AEMT.  In 2016 I accepted the offer from the Sheriff’s Department and work for the citizens of Mineral County through its department.  I have learned a lot and have a better understanding of how the legal system works.  I have unfortunately seen things go awry when a simple miscommunication leads to a huge problem causing a dismissal because the proper information could not be acquired due to lack of open lines of communication.  I would like the opportunity to expand my service to the citizens of Mineral County and provide for needs of the public through fair and honest Judicial process.

I feel that we need to improve communications between departments and be able to reach one another in the event that there is a problem or miscommunication, or even if there is a simple question.  Through my time at the Sheriff’s Department I have seen how hard it can be to communicate with the Court, and I feel that it needs to be corrected.

What do you feel are the biggest issues facing the Justice of the Peace position in Mineral County?

The biggest issues facing the Justice of the Peace would have to be the lack of faith and trust from the public that it serves.  Whether it be miscommunications or lack of understanding, steps must be taken to improve the situation.  There will always be judgments that people will not like, however it must be stated that the cases and or judgments made must be done through the evidence presented, and not on wishes or wants.

Revenue is always a major issues, I believe that we can help increase revenue by expanding warrant extraditions and collect on old fines and judgments that have not been paid.  A major source of revenue is the Fines and Forfeitures to the County. It helps to fund both the Sheriff’s Department and the Fire Department that are both sorely in need of funding.

Video Court needs to be reinstated to the Court system, as it will free up Deputies that are transporting inmates back and forth to the Court.  This can cause people to have to wait for service until a Deputy can become available. A video system will allow for faster service to the citizens of Mineral County and save on fuel and time expense of the department.

In conclusion, I would like to that I would like the opportunity to be able to support the staff of the Justice Court and make sure that they have the resources that they need.  Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to message me of pose your questions to me on our Facebook page”Jim Kenner for Justice of the Peace Mineral County 2018”.  Thank you for your consideration.

Paula Joe Reed

Why do you want to be Hawthorne Township Justice of the Peace?

Everyone has dreams and goals, and are born with talents, some for fill their dreams some are afraid to take a chance! Goals are just the wish without a plan.

I personally have always had the desire to run for political office; with being raised in a small business I was taught at an early age everyone is welcome. With the experience of 35 years in public service as a cosmetologist and business owner I’ve learned a lot about people, no one is the same, each person is different.

People make mistakes, have problems, been harmed, have harmed, get offended and offend others, some get caught and others think it’s not their fault and blame others. This position I’m know comes with discussions that some will like and some will not. I know with my choice for this Justice of the Peace office has big shoes to fill I can and will do the best for our community.

What do you feel are the biggest issues facing the Justice of the Peace position in Mineral County?

There has been so much violence, massacres that have been happening in our world and so close to home. I feel we need a metal detector put in our Justice Court to protect and provide a sense of peace of mind for all who enter the courtroom.

Mike James

Why do you want to be Hawthorne Township Justice of the Peace?

I have been considering running for Justice of the Peace since 2014. My background makes me ideally suited for this role. I have worked in the county for a decade. I have collaborated with many great people during my tenure the Care and Share Senior Center and the Public Guardian’s office. I have strong working relationships with law enforcement, judges and the district attorney and public servants in our county and statewide.

As an officer of Nevada’s 11 Judicial District, I have to employ sound and reasoned judgment on a daily basis that directly affects the lives of protected individuals. I work with the court and participate in hearings on a regular basis.

My experience makes me the perfect candidate for Justice of the Peace.

I will work hard to ensure the court serves the public efficiently. I will be there to assist the justice court staff and delegate tasks appropriately.

I will approach cases without bias, ensuring that rulings are decided on the evidence and testimony provided in court.

Just as citizens are accountable to the courts, the courts need to be accountable to citizens.

I hope you consider me when going to the polls in June and November!

What do you feel are the biggest issues facing the Justice of the Peace position in Mineral County?

In their astounding wisdom, the founding fathers decided that people who are not lawyers could serve as judges in two court systems in the United States. Justice of the peace judges and Supreme Court justices.

By allowing laypeople to administer the justice courts in our country, the founders of our nation empowered communities to participate in the administration of the law.

Ensuring that courts closest to our citizens remain transparent and geared to serve the public.

I believe there is currently a need in our justice court to live up to our founder’s vision.

We need to improve the court’s responsiveness and efficiency.

The court should implement practices that allow for timely and economical resolution of infractions and disputes.

By using readily available technology the court can save our taxpayers’ money and increase revenue.  Technology such as telepresence can help rehabilitate offenders and allow for speedier hearings.

When citizens call the court they should be able to speak with a representative to help them pay citations and have their questions answered.

And most of all:

Repeat offenders who have failed to comply with opportunities for rehabilitation cannot be released back into the community to cause harm to law-abiding citizens.