Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights from March 7

Accounts payable

The payment for the Green Energy litigation attorney will come out of the general fund, Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer told the commissioners.

Reports and correspondence

A thank you note from the Mineral County High School senior class was read into record.

Business license

The following business license was approved: Kawchack Pump & Well (Anthony Zawchack).

911 system

Sheriff Randy Adams met with the commissioners relative to purchasing a new 911 system. Adams explained that he has been speaking with AT&T and the new system is a ‘hosted’ system. Adams was tasked with getting the commissioners information on the T1 system. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton spoke with Adams regarding getting addresses mapped for the system.

Detaining juveniles

Nicole Mathias with juvenile probation met with the commissioners in regards to an interlocal agreement/contract to detain juveniles with Elko County. Mathias stated the rate is $300 a day, $150 for 12 hours and under. This would be the county’s second option if the other facility is full. The agreement was signed.

Mineral County Board of Health

Health Nurse Wanda Nixon discussed the Mineral County Board of Health review and to modify the board membership. District Attorney Sean Rowe would like this set as an ordinance and will have that ordinance ready by next meeting.

She requested monthly meetings until the board is established.

Earth Day

Amber Coen with Cooperative Extension asked that they may use Veterans Memorial Park on April 14 for Earth Day. Permission was granted.

Clean-Up Day

Schyler Hagen with Cooperative Extension asked for approval of a community clean-up day for April 12-15. Discussion of problems with prior Clean-Up Days. Tipton asked the Cooperative Extension staff to meet with Hamrey and Grant to come up with a plan.

8th grade donation

The Hawthorne Jr. High class asked if the commissioners would help pay for the venue for the graduating class dance on May 31. It was stated that the rent of the convention center is $180, the cost of paper plates; cups, etc. will be $320. Price asked if the class was doing any fundraising and stated that at the next tourism meeting, the rental of the convention center will be addressed.

The commissioners chose to donate $500 to the Hawthorne Jr. High 8th grade class.

Sportsman Beach

Hamrey met with the commissioner relative to BLM requesting match money for a new boat ramp at Sportsman Beach. Tipton advised Hamrey to get with the BLM to get a scope of work, cost and details of what is needed from the county to complete Sportsman Beach.

Aging grant

Cherrie George with senior services asked to submit the Aging and Disability Services Division FY2019 Case Management grant supplication in the amount of $45,128 with a required match of $7,965.

Transportation grant

George asked for the submission of the Aging and Disability Services Division FY2019 Transportation grant in the amount of $69,880. The commissioners voted in approval.

Aging meal delivery

George again asked for approval to submit the Aging and Disability Services Division home-delivered meals program equipment grant application due March 7. The grant is in the amount of $1,090. It will be used for stainless steel food transportation baskets. The grant will be submitted by email.

Recognition of employee

George asked that the commissioner recognize Laticha Bonner Mitchell for her help with seniors. She asked that she be recognized with $300 and a certificate. The funds came from the commissioner recognition fund. “She is just awesome,” George stated about Mitchell.

Convention and Tourism vacancy

The commissioners chose to appoint to the Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority Board. Price informed the commissioners that Gary Anderson was the board’s choice. Price abstained. Anderson was approved to fulfill the appointment.

BLM Wilderness Study Areas

Tipton stated that it is her knowledge that Senator Heller will be putting in paperwork regarding BLM Wilderness Study Areas. She gave a history of this item. Discussion of Land Bills with the commissioners and Guss. Tipton asked that the commissioners come up with a resolution to request regulation to have legislation to release Mineral County’s Wilderness Study Area and return back to multiple use.

Nuisance complaint

The commissioners were updated on nuisance complaint for parcel 001-202-07. Building Inspector Mike Fontaine showed them photos of the property. He explained that the property/home is not in good condition. Price stated that he sees the property as a nuisance and made a motion to that affect. Fontaine asked that the commissioners set a date to allow property owners to clear the nuisance. The property is owned by Keith and Liz Murry and Fontaine was told to send a letter of mitigation to the property owners.

Child Support division

Rowe explained that one of his long-term employees will be retiring at the end of the year. He would like to do some employee shuffling and hire a new employee to fill the vacant position. He explained that child support is reimbursed by the state.

Sewer wetlands project

Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant and Executive Secretary Ana Fitzgerald met with the commissioners. Fitzgerald stated they received four bids. Opened bids were from: Pearson Brothers Construction from Alamo – sewer base bid: $1,598,765; alternate A bid: $187,500; alternate B bid: $46,660 for a total bid of $1,832,925. Desert Engineering from Yerington – sewer base bid: $1,133,000; alternate A bid: $146,003; alternate B bid: $20,997 for a total bid of $1,300,000. MKD Construction from Mound House – sewer base bid: $1,886,093; alternate A bid: $182,550; alternate B bid: $30,329 for a total bid of $2,098,972 and A&K Earth Movers from Fallon – sewer base bid: $1,471,210; alternate A bid: $131,460; alternate B bid: $30,329 for a total bid of $1,626,000. A letter from Farr West Engineering was read into record and awarded the contract to Desert Engineering.

Procurement policy

The commissioner brought back the procurement policy with changes from the last meeting. Gary Moody was in attendance and discussed the bid solicitation part of the policy. Rowe explained that he will be producing a standard contract to use. Moody explained that the county should be producing a “scope of work” for each bid.

“This board was led astray”, Moody pointed out to the commissioners regarding the bid for the Hawthorne swimming pool.

Rowe explained that anything under $10,000 will be under a rotating list of contractors who are qualified to perform work in Mineral County. The list will be available to the public.

Public Works will be in charge of contracts.

Staci Emm stated that she has an issue with a rotating list as the quality of work is not always the same with each contractor.

“This is locking us up,” Emm told the commissioners.

Tipton asked Moody if in his career he had ever “intentionally” made a mistake. Moody confessed to making mistakes but not “intentionally” but believed that the board of commissioners was “intentionally” led in the wrong direction with the swimming pool project. Tipton challenged him by saying she did not believe they had been.

“$10,000 is a lot of money in Mineral County,” Moody told all in attendance.

George asked if county buildings are “commercial buildings”. She was told they were but Emm stated that she has yet to find any facts regarding that.

Tipton asked what would be a better dollar amount where a contractor would be called rather than go through a bid process.

Both Price and Hegg thought that lowering the amount to $5,000 before bid would better suit Mineral County.

“We need to get on track,” Hegg said.

Tax sale

An email from Ram Singh was read into record by Rowe regarding his agenda item which read, “For consideration and possible action relative to nothing should be done without a proper disclosure. Accordingly, because of this and other legal excuses, we request the following: to cancel the tax sale; to identify and resolve all the issues properly (such as proper valuation and enforcement of taxes, to reimburse our losses by the insurance money and to clarify issues.” Rowe asked that this item be tabled. Singh made the commissioner meeting later in the afternoon.

Singh explained that the land in question is on tribal land. He feels that there are legal issues with the property that is up for tax sale. Rowe explained that the land is a private patented land.

Emm explained the Walker River Tribe history and discussed trust property.

Singh kept stating that the federal property is not taxable.

Tipton kept explaining that the land is patented land on the reservation and that there will be a tax sale on the property.

“You want us to stop the tax sale, pay the taxes and penalties,” Tipton told Singh.

Singh asked that the county give him, in writing, how to do business on that property.

Rowe explained several times that he cannot give him legal advice.

“We are not going to stop the tax sale,” Tipton said while pounding her gavel.

Title 17, Zoning

The commissioners discussed the adoption of an ordinance amending Mineral County Code Title 17, Zoning. Natural Resources were added to this document. Discussion between Mark Nixon of the Mineral County Planning Commission and the commissioners on different changes, wording, etc. Nixon stated that he can’t do the mapping without the passed ordinance. Kathy Castagnola asked the commissioners if these changes will affect her taxes. Commissioners went over the changes with those in attendance. This item was heard at 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Title 17, Zoning will be enforced after the adoption of maps.

Closed session

The commissioners met in closed session. Tipton made a motion to wait six months before making the change of new uniforms.

General public comment

Guss spoke about addressing the economic development situation. He feels that something else needs to be done.

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