Dear Editor,

Open letter to all concerned about the “Big Flag”.

I’m sure I speak for everyone that helps with the “Big Flag”.

It is a dangerous task to take the flag down during high winds. Rather than risk bodily harm, we chose to let the flag fly during the past week’s high winds. We saw what was going on.

I assure you all that no one keeps a closer eye on the flag than the ones who take care of it.

With the renewed interest in the flag – I remind you all that there is an account set up at the credit union to help keep it flying “31”.

Wade Barton, Hawthorne

Dear Editor,

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” If the age limit should be raised to prevent those under 21 to own certain weapons, due to the lack of maturity, then what about the lack of maturity on the part of the “student movement” now stirred up by the unfortunate school-shooting event and capitalized upon by the radically biased media?

Stirring and prompting the emotionally effected student population, then giving them the national forum to focus only on “gun control”, has to be, simply, a convenient USE of traumatized immature young adults by the factions pushing gun control, using the media. By the same rationale used to push raising the age limit in gun control, “the immaturity of young adults in owning fire arms”, the current emotional knee jerk reaction on the part of high school aged young adults must be considered as mainly convenient on the part of the national media. They are “just too young to responsibly handle” this issue, to be a responsible, although convenient, mouthpiece for that ongoing movement.

Jeff Barrow, Mina