Dear Editor,

We are deeply thankful and humbled by the generosity of this community for their support and donations to the students with disabilities of Mineral County High School. I personally want to thank Bruce and Michelle Dow; Hugh Qualls and Mt. Grant Hospital; The Lion’s Club; Pennies Count and The El Capitan Casino for their generous donations. They have provided an opportunity for these students to have continued life and social skill experiences that would not normally be provided to them. These opportunities help to provide these students with social and real life skills experiences as they are preparing for life after high school and into adulthood. So, thank you so very much. You are helping to change lives.

Thank you,

The students with disabilities and special education staff and administrators at Mineral County High School

Dear Editor,

Thank you for LifeSkills Lessons. Over the past few months, Nicole Mathias, Justin Banfield and Curtis Schlepp, representatives from the 11th Judicial District Youth and Family Services, came into several classrooms at Hawthorne Elementary School. They were there once a week to teach lessons from the Botvin LifeSkills curriculum.

This LifeSkills program is a research-validated substance abuse prevention program. It is presented in a student friendly way that offers up-to-date information and statistics to students about the risks and dangers of alcohol, drug and tobacco use. Not only did the students receive facts and figures, they also got to role play with one another so that they would have the necessary skills to overcome peer pressure when offered these substances. As we know, the more you practice the desired outcomes—knowing what to say if someone wants you to drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes—the more likely these 5th and 6th graders will be able to resist and make healthy choices.

The students and staff at Hawthorne Elementary truly appreciate the time, effort, and dedication that Nicole, Justin, and Curtis have shown (and continue to show) to the youth of our community by offering this LifeSkills program to the students. Your knowledge and experience is very beneficial to all!