Dear Editor

A political gadfly tells Mineral County Commissioners that he has talked to (unnamed) companies that want to put a marijuana growing operation in Mina.

Please note that federal law prohibits growing, possessing or selling marijuana.  Federal law has supremacy.

Commissioners’ response is to put rescinding of ordinance on the agenda, which will ease the process of permitting “illegal” activity.

Why? Why? Why?

Find out February 7th.

Tom Bergeron Sr.


Dear Editor,

Help me celebrate my 75th birthday by attending a new group called “Healthy living for life” which will meet once a month. There is no cost for the class.

The first meeting is on Feb. 3 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Souled Out, 898 E St.

Our main goal is to support one another by sharing information about food, exercise, new methods of healing, etc. Our first speaker will be Jessica Aragone-Shaw, MS. It will be on nutrition.

I would like to share with you how blessed I feel to live in Hawthorne. I am very grateful for Mr. Funk and Mr. Cornella for hiring me in 1981 at a very low time in my life. I always say that life is a journey with many rocky spots and that everything happens for a reason. I know I am on a borrowed time. I plan to use the years I have left to try to make a difference in a positive way.

To my former students, there is nothing that makes me happier than to hear you are doing well. Also, it breaks my heart when I see your name in the paper.

In this time of turmoil’s, we need to stick together and help one another. So come and join us on Saturday, Feb. 3 at 10:30 a.m. at 898 E St. /Souled Out and share your life experience.

See flyers on Facebook or drop by the store.

Roselyne Pirodeau


Dear Editor,

In order to attract tourism, there really needs to be an attraction. The last Armed Forces day, I kept an eye on our local television news channels wondering if any one of them would broadcast anything at all about our annual event. You know, in the “what’s happening this weekend” segment or a “what to do this weekend”?  As far as I have seen, nope, nada, not a mention. Of course monitoring them all, portions of their broadcasts were obviously missed.

Does Mineral County have a media representative that is in contact with our local news broadcasting outlets? If so, I would have to say “maybe they should push our one and only big event. Other than that, let’s try thinking outside of the normal four walled box. With so much going on in our little community during good weather like several poker runs, coyote hunts, and local bar events, why not expand some of these? Of course these events are usually associated with local charities. Maybe an event that attracts the attention of outsiders and tourists. But than again that may require effort, something that not many people are willing to expend these days. All in all we really need new and fresh ideas. Myself, I have a million of them but have been compromised on many that I’ve made known. Therefore I will sit back and watch mentioning those ideas only to myself, my wife, neighbors and close friends. Has anybody ever thought of healthy alternatives? Of course not, that again takes effort, something that not many folks want to expend any more. How do I figure that? I’ve placed several geocaches in areas where one would have to actually get out of your vehicle and hike to. They’ve been in place for a few years now with not one find or cannot find. And that my friends is how I know. We have become a very lazy community working for our own greed and not for our health nor community. I know there are a few go getters, but when everyone sits back letting them do all of the work and effort, they become burned out. Who can blame them? My hat is off to these folks and I thank you all for your endless effort, but don’t blame you for giving up the effort due to burn out.

At this point the Walker Lake Advisory Board is attempting to reorganize and become a voice within the community once more in hopes to rally our community to becoming successful and a safe place to live. Rather than Mineral Counties step child that gets pushed aside for more important issues like taking our rescue boat into town to dry rot there. Or removing our fire and ambulatory services due to personal issues. The local G.I.D. that is cutting up our only paved roads making them a bumpy mess or allowing the old leaky system to leak running down the road for months on end.

Sorry for the rant but facts are facts. In my opinion we really need to put an effort and a bit of pride back into our communities or nothing will improve.

Larry Worthen

Walker Lake