Sheri Samson
MCHS student Beth McCracken joined in the fun of taping her principal to the wall of the school gym during a fundraising event.

As the month of January ended for the Mineral County High School and Hawthorne Junior High students, the awards ceremony ended with a humorous Dream Team fundraiser designed to engage the entire student body, staff and especially principal Jeff Wales.

With Wales decked out in white painter’s overalls, students were prepared to duct tape him to the gym wall, with pre-purchased three-foot strips of colored duct tape pieces. Selling at a dollar-a-strip, this fundraiser would be applied toward continuing the betterment of the school bathrooms and other sections of the school.

“He looks like a baker”, some students shared, while others stated he was a reminder of the Ghostbusters movie stars. At the end of the assembly, before the step-stool was pulled away and the public countdown made its final approach, Principal Wales was taped up like a mummy. But the duct efforts resulted in Wales winning the bet, as he did not remain fully stuck to the gym wall, despite over a hundred pieces of duct tape being applied to his body.

With pre-sold tickets reaching into the $70 range, last minute tickets sales helped to push the Dream Team’s goal even higher. The Dream Team is a school sponsored involvement program, involving students, volunteers and staff in promoting ownership and leadership skills within their educational setting.