Sheri Samson
The local Community Chest office has moved to the Arlo Funk District Office in room 20.

When the budget for the Community Chest, Inc. was decreased, director and home visitor, Sarah Dillard, went to the community searching for a new location to offset the expenses for a proper service office. In combination with the Mineral County School District, a relocation to room 20, located in the Arlo Funk District Office was secured and is now designated by signage.

Associate home visitor, Brenda Anderson, explained that the scope of their services for family and child assistance remains the same.

“This new location lends itself toward being closer to school professionals and aids in the success of our program,” Anderson shared.

The Community Chest, Inc. acts as a bridge of resources and promotes positive change within families and individuals, who may need assistance in many areas. The in-home visits are designed around providing necessary resources and solutions, which local families may need on a temporary basis to become stabilized or it can be designed as a long-term solution toward the fulfillment of a better situation within a life and in the family unit.

Recently the Community Chest, Inc. opened their doors by hosting a motivational training with local service groups participating. Presenters Adrienne Sutherland, Amy Reha and Jinan Barghouti traveled to Hawthorne to assist in developing subject matters to county professionals in an effective, therapeutic way.

Training objectives included learning to assist in a professional, appropriate demeanor, without bias but with total understanding and care. Utilizing professional standards and proper intervention was stated as being “necessary for any unknown circumstance, no matter your own personal beliefs, standards or past experiences, because serving a client is individualized which takes training and wellness when serving people’s needs.”

The integration of positive wellness is what the Community Chest, Inc. strives to do. The tools of intervention are provided by working in tandem with all areas of social assistance which is offered within the county. By allowing many entities of county workers to come together, it enabled conversation and ease as the training progressed.

“Today you are seeing counselors, health professionals, social service employees and educators coming together as a think tank of social issues,” Dillard explained. “We have out-of-area professionals here, which assists in drawing on new issues of thought and concentration. This needs to become an on-going training to assist in every area of social contact within our county.”

The Community Chest, Inc. invites the public to stop in for a tour and to see an overview of services. Offices are open through the weekday and can be contacted by calling 775- 313-6447 or at