Sheri Samson
U.S. Republican Senate made a stop at Maggie’s Once More restaurant and spoke with Hawthorne residents about a vision for the future.

Danny Tarkanian, who is running for the U.S. Republican Senate seat in the upcoming elections of 2018, stopped by Hawthorne’s Maggie’s Once More restaurant for a casual meet and greet with local citizens.

“I have so many special memories of Hawthorne, which includes my children, as I campaigned here many times over the years. I remember the voter support I have had from this community as a solid area that understands my message and commitment toward Nevada.”

With an informal atmosphere, Tarkanian stated, “Running for office is not easy and you put up with a lot, but when you don’t win, it’s the memories that off-set the working-end of the journey – I have good memories here.”

Tarkanian and his family joined in conveying that he has strong, honest convictions, both politically and personally, that keep him going.

“I believe in Trump’s message of “American First” because nationally this needs to happen, as our nation is in a dangerous place. My father (the late fame-coach, Jerry Tarkanian) taught me not to quit and he guided me with one message. He told me that the worse thing is to be a phony, otherwise, how can you live with yourself. I am concerned when I see politicians flipping on their core beliefs and not standing firm on what they said. Differences can be made in different ways without selling your soul.”

One local audience member advised Tarkanian, frankly stating, “Well first off, once you are in Washington D.C. don’t drink the water and don’t just sit in their seats. Once you do that you will be brainwashed by their politics and it changes a person. They become out-of-touch with those of us back home.”

Educational concerns were included, with Tarkanian stating, “I believe that block grants given state-to-state is better than the Fed’s deciding upon a mass educational system which fails our children.”

An audience member stated, “Those that step into Washington D.C. can begin their political career at an average income rate, but leave a multi-millionaire — so how does that happen and why isn’t it criminally investigated?”

Tarkanian agreed in the passion of the statement, with his personal concerns for the middle class and the hardworking Americans that are hardest hit.

“I personally have an ill son that requires on-going medical attention ( plus medical bills, monthly coverage and high deductibles that have me at a loss. Our politicians can’t just take care of their own and not establish what is right for all. Obamacare has been a disaster and that has to be fixed.” Acknowledgement was made that the Obama medical plan can be equal to a monthly house payment, forcing tax-paying citizens to choose between the two.

Tarkanian and his political associates, stressed the need for funds to properly back his campaign, stressing the use of sharing his narrative throughout the internet. Major issues included lowering insurance costs, term limits for Congress, reforming our schools and securing the borders from criminals for safety issues within the nation.