Sheri Samson
Music students from Mineral County High School and Hawthorne Junior High performed their fall concert recently to a large enthusiastic crowd.

The teenagers of Mineral County High School and Hawthorne Junior High took to the stage, providing an evening of choral renditions that included some unexpected props and a well-rehearsed band that shared their own talents on a range of various instruments.

Opening the evening with musical numbers conducted by instructor Dr. Benjamin Gooch and accompanied by Catherine Kaler on piano, the concert choir presented three songs, with one being an enjoyable tune that included choreography, entitled, “Chocolate”. Adding in the high school singers, the combined choir performance created strong vocals on two recognized tunes, including the pop anthem, “Fight Song”.

Completing the vocal portion of the evening’s concert, a vocal ensemble of over 15 teens ended their musical set with the famous Beatles song entitled “Octopus’s Garden” which included costumes and humorous movements, enhancing their performance.

As band members were settling in, Gooch welcomed the audience to the first fall concert, reminding everyone that the pop performance represented only a portion of the students first- quarter efforts.

The choirs provided several featured soloists, as well as intricate harmonies, within their blended voices. The band presented over 20 participants in the combined band portion, with a full sound of brass and drums filling the gym during the “Star Wars” theme song. Band soloists were also featured, with five stepping forward to play on the known standard, “When the Saints Go Marching In” and high-pitched woodwinds highlighting the recognizable tune of from “Mission Impossible”.

Over a hundred attendees responded with clapping and accolades of whistles, acknowledging the variety of musical styles and talents represented. Audience members openly displayed their pride by personally thanking the performers and many sat up front to film the entire program.