Commissioner highlights from the Oct. 18 meeting

Safety message

The safety message was presented by Emergency Manager Pat Hughes regarding fire prevention.


Deputy Auditor-Recorder Tammy Hamrey explained that she had already sent off the Bank of America statement as it was maxed. Auditor-Recorder Christine Hoferer explained that the corporate credit card limit had been lowered by Bank of America a few years ago. She will call and have it increased.

Hoferer explained the balance of the general fund to the commissioners. She also stated that there is $106,000 in unapportioned funds sitting in a fund from revenue collected by the treasurer’s office for revenue collected by assessor’s office that needs to be applied to the correct accounts.

BLM update

Kenneth Collum, Field Manager, Stillwater Field Office Carson City District Bureau of Land Management met with the commissioners. He spoke about the Greater Sage Grouse commenting period. No updates on Teels Marsh project. Dajin still looking for funding. A gas/oil sale will be held, one parcel is near Gabbs. A geothermal lease/sale will be held, a parcel near Whisky Flats will be listed. He spoke about the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and USGS to look at potential ways to generate geothermal power. VORRA looks to expand races in Fallon, Yerington and Hawthorne and BLM is looking at their five-year permitting. Public Works Director Eric Hamrey asked that the county be involved with the discussion as VORRA doesn’t help with road repair. Hughes asked for a copy of their safety plan and map. Revel Rally will be running in Nevada. Isabella Pearl and Rawhide are waiting for environmental assessments. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton asked Collum what the commissioners can do to help the Isabella Pearl get up and going.

“I’ll get back to you on that,” was Collum’s response. A representative from Isabella Pearl stated that they have reached out to Collum with no response from him.

No word on Walker Lake boat ramp at State Beach/Monument Beach.

Business licenses

The following business licenses were approved: Eagle Ridge Construction & Roofing, Inc. (David Smith), Nevada Advantage, LLC. (Jennifer Kintz) and The Handy Man, Inc. (George Morrow).

Employee recognition

District Attorney Sean Rowe asked that the commissioners give recognition to April Kati, district attorney employee, for her efforts in preventing flooding in that office.

Legal services for indigent

Recorder-Auditor Hoferer met with the commissioners to approve a resolution to create legal services for indigent pursuant to NRS 159.0485. This is for an increase for recorder fees. The monies will be sent to the state. The resolution was read into record. Mineral County Resolution 17-23 for public review.

Investigators fund

Recorder-Auditor Hoferer met with the commissioners to approve a resolution to create legal services for indigent pursuant to NRS 423.017. This is for an increase for recorder fees. The monies will be sent to the state. The resolution was read into record. Mineral County Resolution 17-24 for public review.

Justice of the Peace salary

The commissioners met for agenda item for consideration and possible action relative to salary and compensation of the Justice of the Peace per NRS 4.040. District Attorney Rowe explained that this had not been done in July and must set the salary for this for those who many wish to run for office in the 2018 election.

The current justice of the peace salary was set at $42,000. The justice of the peace is allowed to keep fees.

Candelaria Mining Company

Chairman Mark Nixon with Mineral County Regional Planning met with the commissioners for consideration and possible action relative to Candelaria Mining Company is requisition approval of their application for a Special Use Permit by the Mineral County Commissioners for Section 26, Township 4 North, Range 35 East (T4N, R35E), Section 4, Township 3 North (T3N, R35E) and Sections 27, 33, 34, T4N, R35E Mount Diablo Base and Meridian.

Member Larry Grant read a statement from Silver One, the company who will be working on a purchase option with Candelaria.

The company plans to drill 40 sites on the old leach sites and dumps.

The commissioners approved.

Quarterly reports

The commissioners asked to meet to discuss current/open grant funded projects presented to board, yearend review of four day work week and evaluation of collected information on savings by managers.

Sheriff report

Sheriff Randy Adams discussed his quarterly report with the commissioners. He explained the 800 radio system is up and running. The sheriff’s office is waiting for a truck and Charger to be built which is being paid for by grant monies. There is a small grant through OTS for radar units. Discussion of the jail cell in the old Mina Municipal building.


Deputy Clerk Brenda Jones stated that she and Clerk Chris Nepper attended a Dominion Class in Las Vegas. There will be an open house with the new voting equipment. The clerk’s office is getting ready to start the 2018 election season.

Senior Services

Director Cherrie George told the commissioners that all grant reporting is current. Senior services received over $213,000 in grant monies. Senior resource day had 33 representatives and only 55 members of the public attended. George explained that this was the first year but she will continue the resource day.

Building Inspector

It was noted that Mike Fontaine was out with surgery.


Hoferer explained that the auditors are here.


Carla Hemmer was not in attendance. Commissioner Tipton explained that CAHS is looking to hire a part-time person for data entry/domestic violence. She stated that the Food Bank of Nevada used to have CAHS deliver to Yomba and Gabbs. Nye County would pay the gas. Food Bank of Nevada is restructuring. CAHS had over 1,000 clients in over September.

Emergency Services

Hughes discussed his grants. Working with LEPC on the emergency plan and county NIMS records. He received more pamphlets and will need a stand. He will work on pamphlets to hand out at flu pod. Working with school district and their emergency plans/training. Discussed training. Hughes will get with SOC to see if they can do fire extinguisher training. He will also work on a safe driving course for county employees. Discussion of computers/laptops for office of emergency management and operating systems.

Fire Department

Vern Watson, interim fire chief stated that operations are doing well. He discussed situations with a semi truck fire, a semi truck loaded with paper products, a residence fire in Schurz, an RV fire as well as local EMS runs. He discussed fire prevention week at the school and the memo of understanding with SOC. Watson discussed the touch and goes at the airport. Watson discussed a new ambulance donated to Mineral County from Mason Valley.

Juvenile Probation

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Curtis Schlepp discussed the life skills class being implemented at the schools. He discussed grants for the three counties.

Nicole Mathias explained an online program regarding drugs and alcohol.

Schlepp stated their department will have a new employee.


Museum Conservator Kathy Kachelries explained the attendance at the museum. She stated she updated the software at the museum and is taking photos.

She discussed the photo digitizing program being held on Nov. 17. Maurice Molyneux is working on digitizing old reel films.

Commissioner Tipton advised Kachelries to get with Esmeralda County and Nevada State Archives on Mineral County archives.

The fund for the old courthouse is now available. Commissioner Tipton would like the community/county to have conversations in regards to the courthouse. Hamrey will look over plans and phases regarding the courthouse.

Commissioner Tipton explained that the Mina Justice Court furniture came from the old courthouse. Hamrey explained that the judge’s bench is gone as well as five benches. Commissioner Tipton explained that she told the Public Works department was advised to bring all that back years ago. She stated that the old Mina safe went to the Utilities Department. Commissioner Tipton told Hamrey to get all of it out, as soon as possible.

Kachelries will put an item on the agenda regarding the courthouse.

Park and Recreation

Coordinator Bud Gazaway stated that the pool winter cover has been ordered and shipped. Pool house has been put to bed for the winter and he has left his notes for next season.

Successful Hike to the H with 19 participants. The funds were split between the YCAC and Kenny Bostic Memorial Youth Athletic Fund.

A dance class is being held at the YCAC. Commissioner Garth Price commented that parents have stopped him and stated that they liked the program.

Donated time/classes are welcome.

YCAC account had less than $50 when he started and now has $650.

Basketball sign-ups will be in November and will run through February.

Gazaway also discussed movie nights through the YCAC.

Public works/road/airport

Hamrey discussed his grants. Discussion of bridges in Bodie Canyon and culverts. Discussion of PAPI lights at the airport.

State park agreement, traffic is being tracked on Lucky Boy Road. Discussion on Klondex [at Aurora] in regards to road maintenance.

Cemetery fence project will be done after Mina street easements are done in there. Hamrey stated that one resident stated that they had not seen a sweeper in over seven years.

Dog run/Hawthorne Sign should all be completed around Thanksgiving.

The utilities for the county buildings were discussed after the building went to four days a week. He also discussed savings within his departments. Commissioner Tipton would like the county to go to ground source heat.

Closed session

The commissioner went into closed session. There was nothing to report.

Resignation/youth activities

A letter from John “Bud” Gazaway, Mineral County Recreation Coordinator was accepted as of Oct. 19. Recorder-Auditor Hoferer asked the commissioner’s to take the agenda item for Staci Emm, Cooperative Extension relative to a proposal to move recreation activities to Mineral County Cooperative Extension and the Boys & Girls Club.

Barbara Owens made public comment regarding leaving the position of Mineral County Recreation Coordinator and to possibly being appointed interim coordinator.

Emm explained that she pulled the recreation budget and sat down and discussed these numbers with the commissioners.

She proposed that the basketball season is quickly approaching. The 4H program is struggling and Cooperative Extension would like to try basketball through their program. One problem would be the fingerprinting of coaches and volunteers.

She suggested eliminating the coordinator position and contract with Boys & Girls Club while moving adult activities to Cooperative Extension.

Emm stated that room tax came in high due to solar plant employees and she feels that infrastructure should be placed back into the parks with irrigation and infrastructure.

Commissioner Tipton asked Gazaway as to whom he would put in as an interim coordinator, Samantha [no last name given].

Commissioner Tipton told Emm that she does not want to lose the position of coordinator within the county.

Hamrey, commissioners and Emm discussed budget items.

The discussion of fingerprinting volunteers for youth programs was discussed.

George explained the county code and the monies collected as to where they can be spent. She explained that the room tax monies cannot be used for personnel only infrastructure.

Emm stated that it seems as though the county and cooperative extension are duplicating services and if so, the programs are going to struggle due to the duplication.

Discussion between Armory building and YCAC costs.

Travis Crowder with Boys and Girls Club discussed the park and recreation program/Boys and Girls Club in Winnemucca and duplication on services.

Commissioner Tipton advised all of the different entities to come together and present the commissioners a plan.

Owens again mentioned that she felt she would be the best candidate.

The commissioners made a motion to run the basketball program through the 4H with help from county recreation department. This motion passed.

The commissioners appointed Samantha [last name unknown] as interim recreation coordinator, not to exceed six months. This motion passed.