Commissioner Highlights from the Oct. 4 meeting

Safety message

Emergency Manager Pat Hughes gave a safety message regarding flu season.

Business license

The following business license was approved: GP Global, LLC (George Pomeroy).

Liquor license

The following liquor license was approved: Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) (Barbara Edington) for a special event at convention center.

Advertising for fire chief

The commissioners approved the advertising of the fire chief job.

Sewer bonds

Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant and Office Manager Ana Fitzgerald met with the commissioners regarding the sewer bonds secured by pledged revenues. The commissioners discussed the Mina Well with Grant.

The commissioners met again at 5:30 p.m. regarding this issue. No decision was made.

GRC Nevada

Mark Nixon, Mineral County Regional Planning Commission chairman met with the commissioners regarding a special use permit and reversion for GRC Nevada on their acreage for APN 003-091-01, 02, 03 and 11.

Nixon stated that this property is in Mina. He stated that the planning commission had no problems with GRC Nevada. At the time of the meeting, the commissioners had not received a letter from the planning commission.

Mina Municipal building

Public Works Director Eric Hamrey explained to the commissioners some estimates regarding the painting and roofing repairs to the Mina Municipal building.

Paul Golden thanked the commissioners for allowing SMU to use the building. He stated that SMU would like to enter into a purchase agreement with the contractor, that they would pay for the purchase order. SMU will pay for the repairs, Hamrey will oversee them.

Commissioner Tipton stated that due to this agreement, the county should not charge SMU a building inspection permit or charge for inspections.

Golden said SMU will be back next year to renew their lease.

Jeff Barrow explained that the windows on the building need to be recaulked.

FAA agreement

Hamrey asked for the commissioner’s approval and signature of the Federal Aviation Administration non-federal reimbursable agreement number AJW-ON-AAC-17AC-001545. Hamrey explained that this is a flyover for the Papi lights at the airport.

Veterans Park work

Hamrey game an update on the Veterans Park construction and repair. He stated that the Hawthorne Sign was approved through insurance and is being built through Yesco in Reno. Hamrey explained that he wants the sign to still be historic with neon lighting. The cost is over $49,000.

Once the Hawthorne Sign goes in, the dog run will be finished. So far, Jon Johnson has raised $775 in donations to help cover the cost.

Armory Building

Hamrey discussed the current tenants and future use of the Armory Building. Hamrey explained that he is uncomfortable with the Boys and Girls Club agreement and would like to revise it as well as having some of the other tenants help to cover utility costs. Commissioner Tipton advised Hamrey to work with the current tenants and their agreements.

Park and Recreation Director Bud Gazaway explained that the current cost of utilities is approximately $800 a month.

Commissioner Price asked about the cleanliness of the building.

Staci Emm asked if this is a catch-all if other entities are not youth related and said if the club had a long-term lease agreement then they could possibly help with improvements.

Gazaway also explained that the YCAC building is crumbling.

Recreational marijuana

Commissioner Tipton put an item on the agenda regarding recreational marijuana regulation for Mineral County.

Clay Weatherfield explained his thoughts on marijuana.

David Ziegler with Hawthorne Pop Warner explained keeping marijuana away from children.

The commissioners chose to have a town hall meeting.

Child support furniture

District Attorney Rowe asked the commissioners to purchase desks and computers using child support incentive funds for reimbursement. He stated this is a grant and one hundred percent reimbursed. The amount of the purchase will be under $10,000 and will be taken from PILT money to be reimbursed.

Regional Transportation Commission

The Commissioners Price and Tipton met as the Regional Transportation Commission with Hamrey and Donna Oberhansli. The fuel report discussed the sale of fuel at the airport. The total revenue for fuel sold at the airport was $3,422.

Oberhansli gave a report of the RTC funds. It was over $270,000. She stated there is $100,000 budgeted for roads in 2018.

Hamrey explained he would like the general fund to pick up the cost of the street lights (or part of it). He stated that over $1.1 million has been spent on street lights since2001. He explained that the money spent on lights could be used for roads.

Vouchers for the commission was approved.

Hamrey discussed two questionable lights around the bypass.

The commissioners asked that the street light issue is put on the regional transportation and commissioner agenda.

Hamrey explained that all of the roads are being blades. GPS systems are for outlying graders. Discussion of F and K Street extensions due to semi trucks and road patching.

Commissioner Price asked if McDonald’s and Golden Gate can do some repair on their parking lot entrances so that it saves on Mineral County roads.

Sidewalks at the school were discussed.

Hamrey stated the county did two days of work in Bodie Canyon blocking off a bridge.

432 Baker Street

A nuisance complaint was filed for the address of 432 Baker Street in Hawthorne, APN: 001-202-28. Fontaine explained that this property does qualify for a fire hazard. He explained that the bags from the last complaint was put up against the home.

Fontaine explained what steps the commissioners now need to take.

A letter will be sent to the homeowner giving a timeline of when the next inspection will be. The commissioners agreed.

Senior services

Cherrie George, Director of Mineral County Senior Services asked for the commissioners to accept the Aging and Disability Services Division FY 2018 congregate and home-delivered meals grants totaling $95,270 with a required match of $13,993.

She stated that she asked for more and in order to make the deadline for the grant, had Clerk Nepper sign the document.

Commissioner recognition

District Attorney Rowe would like to acknowledge April Kati for a “Bailing Out Award” for helping with a water issue at the district attorney’s office.