In a town hall setting at G & B Bistro in Hawthorne, Jesse Sbaih gave the Independent-News a one-on-one interview as he begins his run for Nevada Senate, going up against incumbent Senator Dean Heller.

A Henderson attorney, Sbaih explains that his story comes back to him being the son of to Jordan immigrants who came to America like so many others, to have the American dream.

At the age of 11, Sbaih worked hard to learn English in his now country, carrying a dictionary with him and studying hard.

Like many legal immigrants, the struggle for the American dream did not come easy and at the age of 12, he took a job washing dishes to help his family.

With hard work and persistence, Sbaih received a scholarship to the University of Miami where he graduated. He then applied and received a scholarship to law school.

He then went on to clerk for the Supreme Court under Supreme Court Judge Cliff Young. He would go on to further his career as an attorney, which he practices to this day, being named one of “America’s Best Attorney’s” in 2017.

“We need to stand up for the American dream,” he explains. “Fight and insist for an economy that works for us.”

One big platform for the candidate is renewable and green energy for the State of Nevada. He believes in putting people to work. In order to get Nevada back to work (and now) would be to start on the State’s infrastructure and fund a high speed rail. By working on infrastructure, it would get people back to work now he told the Independent-News.

Knowing that a few insurance companies are pulling out of the Nevada Health Link, he states his concern for those who will end up losing insurance under the new proposed plan under President Donald Trump.

“No person should be denied health care. We can be a healthier, stronger nation with health insurance,” Sbaih explains.

“I believe we also need free college and public universities. We need to take care of our children and get them educated,” the father of three said.

With health care and public education, his next concern is minimum wage. He understands that families cannot make it on $8.25 per hour and would work to raise the amount to $15 an hour.

“We need to empower people,” Sbaih states.

As a legal immigrant, Sbaih is passionate about immigration.

“We need to secure our borders and improve our national security issues. We have 11 million immigrants who came to this country legally. I feel that no ‘human’ is illegal. We just need to find a path to positive citizenship,” he passionately explains.

In “America’s Patriotic Home” Sbaih points out to the Independent-News that we need to advocate for our men and women in uniform.

“I have respect for what the military does for us. We need to take care of personnel who put themselves in harm’s way,” he pointed out.

A proud Nevadan, Sbaih concluded, “We have it all [in Nevada]; we need to use it wisely. Bring jobs NOW to Nevada. Use renewable energy and improve our infrastructure and educate our youth. “

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