Courtesy photo

The “Big Flag” has been flying 24/7 for over a year thanks to the efforts of Shelly Rich.

The Veterans Memorial Park purchased a flag from Sign City last October in preparation for Veterans Day. That flag flew non-stop until April. Rich volunteered to repair it.

She said, “I enjoy hanging out with Wade at the sign shop, giving back to the community and sewing. It’s a ‘no-brainer’, actually, it’s an honor. I keep an eye on it from my house and watch it and hear it pop when the wind catches it just right.”

Rich was a seamstress at a young age. Growing up their mom Wanda had a sewing room where she and Shelly had their own separate machines. Rich sewed her own formal dresses for the prom and such. She always had the unique fabrics and designs. She passed that on to her daughter, Audra, who sews custom bicycle paniers using recycled material.

There are six flags in the inventory, all of which need repair, so she has plenty to do.