Sheri Samson
A large group of Walker Lake residents attended a meeting at the fire station to discuss re-forming an advisory board.

In a fact-finding effort to revive the Walker Lake Advisory Board, over 35 locals from the 152 water-using residents attended a public meeting held at the Volunteer Fire Station to ask questions in creating a proper liaison between the people and the Mineral County Commissioners.

Directing the meeting, were local residents, Barb Edington and Larry Worthen, asking for volunteers that may be interested in serving the community on the advisory board. Four gentlemen stepped to the front to offer introductions and explain why they would have interest in representing Walker Lake residents at the county level.

“Although it has been talked about in the past that an advisory board needed to be in place out here, it really surfaced when that ram was shot out here recently and it created confusion about what the actual ordinances were protecting us out here. Most of us were especially concerned about a shooting in our township area, near homes, the highway and the people that walk around here,” Worthen expressed.

As Edington introduced herself and asked for comments, many in attendance were upset about the lack of maintenance and tax money spent on the roads within Walker Lake. The desire to bring back the Saturday fire house breakfasts was expressed, with some reminding the audience that funds raised would be part of the betterment within the volunteer fire department. Proper building codes not being enforced was another concern, especially regarding proper housing issues and a recent increase in those living in trailers and inappropriate buildings full-time. A plea for volunteer involvement from the community regarding the volunteer fire department and securing a local EMT were an immediate issue.

“You are 22 minutes from any help arriving from Hawthorne on an emergency call,” Edington shared. “I know this because I have seen it and I have lived in this county a long time. It is why we need to get involved in our area and grow our volunteer group, especially at this fire station.”

With the assistance from attendees, a decision to address the need for a Walker Lake Advisory Board at a public commissioners meeting was to be pursued by Edington. Directives from the Mineral County Commissioners would then be followed, so a board could be properly seated and proper procedures maintained within the confines of the county’s request.

A discussion was made that anyone interested in serving on the advisory board should submit a letter-of- intent and introduction, so all letters could be submitted to the commissioners for review.