Dear Editor,

Friends have asked my why I have not commented on the “hunters” who shot the sheep in the Walker Lake community. First, I would like to clarify something. These “boys” were not sportsmen or hunters. They were a group if idiots who dress up like real hunters and drive around in their truck looking for an easy kill.

A real hunter would have been trained on where and how to hunt. A real hunter would have been in the outback, on foot and actually hunting. A real hunter would never consider hunting within sight of housing where a ricochet might endanger innocent lives. A real hunter would not field dress an animal where the entrails could create a bacteria haven in a community.

But, I have a different thought because I was taught to hunt as a young lad. I’ve been a licensed hunter in a couple of states, but I have not hunted in years. I do still remember some of the rules imposed on hunters by the respective state’s Department of Wildlife. Silly rules like, No shooting within quarter mile of homes or outbuildings.

How about no shooting within quarter mile or across a major thoroughfare? That is a rule in other states. But, I guess it is not a problem here. I guess I could get a license, stand on my back porch and bag a Big Horn ram who happens to be grazing between my house and my neighbors. Don’t worry. I’m such a good shot that the sheep will stop the bullet and no human will be endangered.

Obviously the state does not care. And Mineral County is only concerned with the city of Hawthorne. So why comment on these pretend hunters? In Mineral County and in the State of Nevada, they are in their element.

Charlie Morris

Walker Lake