Dear Editor,

Recently we decided to try the US 95 route from our home in Phoenix, Ariz. to our home in Canada. As we passes through the area between Hawthorne and Fallon we were greeted by an police officer in the area of the Walker River Paiute Tribe territory. We were presented a $200 ticket for apparently passing through a 55 mph zone at 60 mph. The officer indicated he was estimating the speed? No radar?

$200 for 5 mph? This officer would know very well, we could not return from Canada to Hawthorne for a court appearance. Great cash grab. During our visit we spent money on hotel, food, fuel, etc. Too bad, as now why should we want to return through the Walker River Paiute Tribe territory, or why would we want to recommend this route to others. Too sad, your loss. 

Brian Mayhew

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada