Dear Editor,

I am appalled and afraid that no laws were broken when a bighorn was shot in the Walker Lake Subdivision. I am appalled that a so-called hunter has so little value for his hunt or the residents of our area. I am appalled that a so-called hunter would shoot from a parking lot and kill an animal in full sight of many homes. I’m afraid for myself, my neighbors, our property and our pets.

The bighorn that was shot from the parking lot of the Buffalo Stop was killed where it fell. It wasn’t moving an inch. I heard the shot and went to my porch to see what happened. I watched the men inspect and gut that bighorn directly in front of my home.

The total lack of any laws here puts every resident at risk. We are now open not only to high power rifles being shot between our houses but the bird hunters as well. I’m not looking forward to having birdshot bouncing off my house again. Too bad there isn’t as much concern for the safety of humans as the threat to someone who might feed a bighorn.

Sandra Essenpreis

Walker Lake