Sheri Samson
A Fallon company assisted with the geothermal drilling project at Mineral County High this week.

As the Parson Drilling company from Fallon, joined forces this week in a dual effort of completing the necessary holes for the school districts completion of Geothermal, inside units were making their way into the high school building.

Tom Gallegos, the Maintenance Supervisor, was on hand to explain, “This new company set-up and is efficiently drilling at the Arlo Funk Building right now, which is moving this project along quickly. We have been patient and watching our schedules closely, but this is a relief to see more work being done at a faster pace.”

Gallegos was pleased with the second drilling company arriving, explaining that the Fallon group had been completing another job commitment, which brought them into the school district’s drilling later than desired.

As Ric Rowlatt, representative from the contractor, Sierra Eco Systems, had explained recently at a public School Board meeting, as the initial MCSD contracts were waiting for approval and clear funding before starting, some drilling contractors that were originally waiting for the Mineral County job, unfortunately, took on other projects in the interim, which pushed their arrival time to Hawthorne out. Rowlatt stated that all drillers were contacted, but some became committed to other jobs during this, their prime drilling season prior to snowfall.

Gallegos commented on the Fallon company arrival being a time-sensitive fulfillment, as heat will be needed in the older buildings and the internal units were being placed while awaiting proper hookup.

“Once the holes are completed, Sierra Eco is ready to just make the proper hookup. No one will be without heat, I can assure you, as precautions were already in place should an unexpected cold-front hit early. In the past, our boilers were not turned on until after October 31 anyway, and that only affects the older buildings. Our elementary schools still have their systems in place and since they are without boiler issues we would’ve had no conflict with their heat use anyway.”

Rowlatt has remained in direct contact with Gallegos and the Sierra Eco Systems staff remains on premises to troubleshoot and oversee all details in this massive transformation to make the entire Mineral County School District a “green energy and efficient” group of facilities.

Gallegos shared, “We can’t lose sight of the big picture here. Our school district will be the first in this state to become all green in its energy use. That is a big accomplishment for us as a small town and for this community. We will reap the benefits of saving money and it’s so easy to maintain. I look forward to hosting other school districts when we open up for a tour of our facilities, as well as having politicians join us for a positive event of celebration upon completion. Our community deserves to celebrate once it is finished because we realize it has been a sacrifice and trust to our district.”