Courtesy photo
Members of the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office and SOC NV prepare for an exercise on base.

Submitted by Sheriff Randy Adams

On Sept. 12 the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and SOC Security came together for a training exercise. The exercise was designed by SOC and MCSO was invited to join so the two entities could come together and be better prepared to provide service to the citizens we serve.

The exercise was an active assailant exercise and the sheriff’s office personnel were able to respond with the SOC Security Force as one force to subdue the assailant.

The exercise was weeks in the making and MCSO was able to provide training aids in the form of “Simunition” firearms and ammunition, which are full-size handguns that use a colored dye marking cartridge. These training aids bring a level of realism that is second to none. There were several stages of safety utilized to ensure we had all the realism but with the utmost safety to all involved.

This exercise was hugely successful. There is no better way to train two separate forces than to put boots on the ground together. This exercise allowed both agencies to assess and evaluate several different areas in our operations.

I want to send out a big Thank You to Lieutenant Colonel Scott Bishop and his staff as well as General Manager Dave Larsen and his staff of SOC NV for inviting the sheriff’s office to actively participate in this exercise. We look forward to doing it again.