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The Sierra Safari group raised money for a local family after their annual gathering in Mineral County Saturday.

On their 39th year to Mineral County, Dick Allen’s Sierra Safari took to the back roads during their yearly event.

Like year’s in the past, these off-road enthusiasts from all over the United States crossed paths with locals. But this year, the members of the Sierra Safari decided to give back to one of our own.

A member of the safari ended up having tire trouble and came across participants of the Travis Isom Poker Run. This local voluntarily gave up his air compressor stating, “Get it back to me in town. I will be at the VFW.” They discussed the poker run and Travis.

The time came and went. The compressor had not been returned, so they went looking. They found the safari members upstairs in the El Capitan.

Not only did the compressor get returned, but a hat had been passed around that night and a donation had been taken up for Travis, for his bedroom and bathroom remodel.

This donation left members of Travis’ family in tears. Only knowing the story and seeing a picture board that was put together for the run, the generosity of this group stunned family and friends.

Julie Allen, daughter of Dick Allen – the founder of Sierra Safari told the Independent-News, “Hawthorne has been hospitable to us for over 39 years. If we ever have a problem or issue, Hawthorne is ready to help.”

Passed along with the money, was a card. Inside were words of encouragement and signatures of people Travis will probably never meet, but his story touched them.

“I was astonished [by the amount of money raised],” Julie said.

Also astonished was Kelly Lawrence, grandmother to Travis. At a loss of words, she later sent the Independent-News an email expressing her emotions.

“I would like to send a big thank you to the members of Sierra Safari that was in Hawthorne on Oct. 7. They heard about the poker run we were having for Travis Isom and that he loved razor rides and going off road. After the run they did, they purchased a card for Travis that everyone signed, wishing him well and passed around a hat and donated all monies to Travis. The kindness and generosity you showed to a young man you never met was very heartwarming. So again, thank you, you are appreciated.”

Travis was unable to attend the poker run held in his honor. Instead, he was in California making “his wish”. Currently his wish is in the planning stage but he will either go to Hawaii, Bahamas or Disney World.

This weekend, a Jeep trip will be made through Mineral County once again by the Sierra Safari group.

Sierra Safari member Jim explained to the Independent-News, “This is just what we do. [Regarding the donation.] We are all in it together.”