10 Years Ago – In an impressive ceremony held Monday, Aug. 20 at the National Weather Service office in Reno, Eugene Gates of Mina was honored for over 30 years of volunteer service to NOAA’s National Weather Service when he was presented with the John Campanius Holm Award. This award is the agency’s second most prestigious award and only 25 are presented each year to cooperative weather observers from around the country.

10 Years Ago

• Under the auspices of the Nevada Department of Transportation’s “Adopt A Highway” program, Quality Assurance Specialists, Ammo Surveillance (QASAS) adopted a section of Highway 95 between mile markers 51 and 53.

• Barley’s Sports Bar presented on the big screen World Heavyweight Championship Couture vs. Gonzaga and St. Pierre vs. Koscheck.

20 Years Ago

• Sheriff Rocky McKellip presented Craig Nixon with an Award of Valor for his actions during a deep water well rescue of two Luning men who had fallen into an abandoned water well near Luning.

• A semi truck hauling carnival equipment over turned on U.S. Highway 95 about nine miles south of Schurz. Wayne Schreder of Thermol, Calif. was injured and taken to the Churchill County hospital in Fallon by Schurz Ambulance.

• The Walker River Paiute Tribe purchased a second pumper engine to add to their volunteer fire department.

30 Years Ago

• “Hawthorne’s Own” Buster Heckman’s ET-2 Racing Boat was all set to be in the Walker Lake Cup Classic, with Heckman’s co-pilot, Dave Griffith, making the big run this time.

• U.S. Senator Chic Hecht was in Hawthorne to meet with officials at the Hawthorne Army Ammunition Plant and also to meet the county commissioners. The visit was part of Hecht’s “Chat with Chet” tour of the State of Nevada.

40 Years Ago

• Although not as old as other “landmarks” in Hawthorne, a building regarded as a center of interest in the community the – the “Green Front”—was destroyed in an early morning fire. The unoccupied frame structure was the last of three “houses” located in Block 8, which was designated by town ordinance as the “restricted district” back in 1929. Origin of the fire had not been determined.

• The Rocky Mountain Region Softball Tournament was to be played in Hawthorne with four fast pitch teams from Nevada, four from Arizona and two from New Mexico participating.

• The El Capitan Softball Team won the State ASAA Fast-Pitch crown in a tournament played in Ely.

• Some of the best gun shooters in the West were scheduled to be in Hawthorne for the Big Rendezvous that was sponsored by the local Lock-Stock and Barrel Gun Club.

• Raymond Masayko became manager of the renamed Hawthorne/Tonopah District of the Sierra Pacific Power Company.

50 Years Ago

• The Hawthorne Unit of the Nevada Army National Guard was continuing their Annual Field Training at Camp Rilea, Ore. Mineral County Assemblyman, Joe Viani of Hawthorne, was a member of the Governor’s party that visited the troops during their training and was given the opportunity of firing the M-42 Tank during the visit. Battery “C” of Hawthorne was named as the “Most Outstanding” unit during ATF that year.

• Joseph S. Crupi from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy and Floyd L. Standley of the Ordnance Systems Command Headquarters were in Hawthorne on an inspection tour of the Naval Base. They were welcomed by Capitan W. W. Schweer, Commanding Officer and Don Cavin of the ordnance department.

• Carol Mitchell “Miss Zuni” of the Public Works Department at NAD Hawthorne cut the ribbon in ceremonies opening the new Washout and Reclaiming Facility at the Naval Depot.

• The Rural Counties Community Action Program of Nevada announced that two teams of poverty survey representatives would commence operations in the Hawthorne area. They would go house-to-house to determine the needs of the residents in each community.

60 Years Ago

• Capitan W. J. Richter, Commanding Officer at Hawthorne NAD, received a dispatch requiring and authorizing an RIF (reduction in force) at the base, setting the Depot’s employment ceiling at 1,418 by Oct. 31 and 1367 by Jan. 30, 1958. At the time of the RIF, the “on board” count was 1,486.

• Lieutenant Joe Viani, Jr., was spending two weeks visiting his parents in Hawthorne prior to his leaving for Germany for duty with the U.S. Army Transportation Corps.

• The Loyalton, Calif. Braves won’t the Nevada Intermediate Baseball Championship in a tournament played in Hawthorne.

70 Years Ago

• Dog poisoning continued in this area and the latest report was that 45 dogs had died from the malicious, widespread poisoning campaign. Individuals and businesses had posted rewards that totaled $675 for information on who was responsible for these killings.

• Acting on his doctor’s advice U.S. Senator Pat McCarran spent the weekend at the Hawthorne Naval Depot dispensary to rest and recuperate after being stricken ill in Tonopah while on tour of the state.

• Bonanza Air Lines was making daily flights to Hawthorne from Reno and Las Vegas.

80 Years Ago

• Price for sinners at the Mt. Grant Lodge at Walker Lake remained at .75¢ and had not been increased, per some rumors; it was announced by Mary Adams, who managed the popular resort dining room in the absence of her sister, “Mom” Benedict.

• First National Bank in Reno purchased two bond issues approved by voters of Mineral County, $10,000 to purchase road equipment and $5,000 for matching fund (WPA) to construct a new municipal building in Mina. Interest charge on both issues was set at 5 percent.

• Volunteer fire department was organized at Mina with 20 men signing up as volunteers. William Esser was chosen as fire chief. Named assistants were Jim Wright and Dante Ricci.

• Dr. B. A. Smith, the county health officer, announced the intention to conduct an inspection of all outdoor toilets and condemn all found to be in an unsanitary condition. The WPA announced an intention to participate in the health and safety program and would offer all remaining “custom built” privies at a price of $21.50 installed.