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Utility workers repair a water line on Birch Street that was the cause of a water boil notice in the area.

A boil water notice was put into place for some residents in Barney’s Addition in Hawthorne when Fairmont Utilities hit a water line on Birch Street in the subdivision.

The boil water notice was handed out to customers on “Birch Street and Pine Street (Between Cedar and Ash).”

The damages left some customers without water while Hawthorne Utilities worked to fix the line.

Hawthorne Utilities put out the public notice boil water notice to residents in the area. It read, “All water used for consumption, including ice, must be brought to a rolling boil for at least two (2) minutes before use: or use an approved alternate water source (i.e. bottled water).”

Hawthorne Utilities will lift the notice after testing for bacteria is completed.

If residents have questions, please contact the utility office at 775-945-2486.