Sheri Samson
Hawthorne resident Jessica Warden and her grandchildren were one of many families that took part in the third annual Community Yard Sale on Saturday.

As the Independent-News sponsored their third annual Community Yard Sale over the July 29 weekend, many participants were enjoying the sunny morning which followed a full-on storm that came through town Friday evening, full of lightening, thunder and rain.

Declutter, Kathy Trujillo, admitted that setting up the evening before seemed like a great idea until swells of rain poured from the sky, flooding the streets and creating chaos to their organized plans.

“It wasn’t as we had expected, but we covered things up and made it happen anyway. As a family we were so proud to be ready the night before, then POW – that strong storm just moved over us,” Trujillo candidly explained.

Most shoppers came out early to avoid the increasing heat of the day, picking up bargains and loading cars beyond what could easily fit in some car trunks. One woman had loaded up two large picnic baskets and a wooden chair in her small economy-sized car trunk stating, “It’s okay, I live just around the corner so I don’t have to see out the back window.”

The young and the old enjoyed visiting just as much as poking through boxes of simple treasures, new and used pieces and one-of-a-kind items mixed in with the practical must-haves. It was normal to hear a shopper say, “I don’t really need this, but I want it.”