Alan Thorndike

Life and Times of Alan (Slim) Thorndike

Alan was born in Hawthorne on the 28th of July 1960 to Bob and Mary Jane Thorndike. He had two brothers, Robert and Keith. Alan attended school in school in Hawthorne.

Being a likeable guy Slim made many friends along the way. As well it would bring him into a career that he would spend the rest of his working years doing. Al made a hell of a bartender. Besides serving he had a talent for managing. At one point running his own business “Flippers”. Ironically Slim’s first job was out at the Sweetwater Ranch being an overseer. After that he followed his career. Al worked many years at the El Capitan, Stockman’s in Fallon, Ormsby House, Glenn Eagles, Slot World and a host of many others.

Slim as you can expect, made many acquaintances, associates and friends along the way. He was a very liked man. Al was married for a time. Al and Nina and her two children Nadia and Brianda.

Slim enjoyed life, family, and the many friends he made along the way. He most particularly enjoyed his work and was fortunate to be able to enjoy for as many years as he did. We (Al closest friend and I) were able to spend some quality time with Slim towards the end. A very solemn occasion filled with laughter and great memories.

Whitman knew the end was near as did all the rest of us and that was why the time was so very special. On the morning of the 28th of July 2017, the Good Lord came thru town, quite early that day. He had a passenger he had to pick up.

We love you Slim. Rock and Roll.

A memorial will be held Aug. 26 at the Gold Dust Casino in Carson City. Runs from 1-5 p.m. friends and family are all welcome.