Dear Editor,

The 9/11 Challenge Committee invites the community for parade and hike set for Sept. 8 and 9. Mark your calendars.

This year will mark the 7th Annual 9/11 Memorial Mt. Grant Challenge. As the day of the event approaches committee members and volunteers are working out the details of this year’s event.

Once again a Main Street parade, (5 p.m. lineup, 5:30 p.m. parade) is being slated to include walking our awesome flag for the raising, a memorial service and a free spaghetti dinner at the Veteran’s Park on Friday evening. We encourage the community to come out and join us for this special event. In addition to a 9/11 Remembrance, registrants will be able to pick up their packets and enjoy refreshments and entertainment on Friday evening.

Again this year a “Half” Challenge will be offered for those who prefer not to tackle the full 17-mile hike. Those who enter the “Half” Challenge will be transported to a designated starting line where they will tackle 8.5 miles of the route and ascend to the top.

For those who would like to participate, volunteer or assist in some way there are plenty of opportunities. Chuck King is heading up the volunteer forces and Rob Mathias will be coordinating the parade. If you have questions regarding this event or would like to volunteer, you can send an email to the group’s website Registration details can be accessed through the website or


Rob Mathias, President

911 Memorial MT. Grant Challenge

Dear Editor,

I want to write to let people know that, an account has been established at the county commissioner’s office to help fund the project. I brought about to restructured Liberty park, to stop dogs from sh*tting on names of dead soldier’s at the memorial. How much more patriots and loving your county than you’ve died for it. When these patriots are buried on American Flag is draped over his coffin. If a dog s**ts on an American Flag, that is desecrating the flag. When dogs s**t on the names of dead soldiers that’s not only desecrating the flag but a human being as well. A name on a brick and a Purple Heart are worth more to me than $.50 and a cup of coffee. I often go out there and kneel down and prey for their families. I check first to make sure I’m not kneeling in dog sh*t. I’m not cramming this down anyone’s throat, you still have a free choice to donate or not. That’s what this county is all about. Someone donated $500 to this but he wants to be kept anonymous, whoever he is I thank him.

Jon T. Johnson