Mineral County Public Works Director Eric Hamrey was bestowed a gift for the Hawthorne Airport from longtime residents.

The photo and letter from Louis Destree shows the ramp at the Hawthorne airport in 1945. Louis’ grandfather, Victor, ran a flying service in the area and was an instructor to many, who dreamed to learn how to fly.

One of his students, his own son, Charles Destree would serve as a chief pilot for the State of Nevada Division of Foresty for over 23 years and would continue his flying passion after retirement by flying as chief pilot for Harvey’s Lake Tahoe.

Like his grandfather and father before him, Louis too learned to fly where he earned his private pilot’s license in 2010 from his father at Spinks Airport in Fort Worth, Texas. Louis was in his 30’s at the time. His father – in his 70’s.

In December of 2016, Charles would pass away at the age of 84.

“One of my favorite memories from his lifetime in aviation was looking down at the ramp on his my first solo and seeing my father waving at me.”

The photo of the Hawthorne Airport will be hung in the airport building for other aviators to enjoy.