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Shawna Clark received the Rookie of the Year award for overcoming her fear of deep water diving.

Members of the Hawthorne Stingray Swim Team finished the 2017 season with the Medal Meet held in Yerington on June 24. Hawthorne swimmers competed with hundreds of youth within the region consisting of Round Mountain, Yerington and Lovelock. Hawthorne successfully hosted the first meet of the season early in June with the assistance of many volunteers, lifeguards and under the direction of the new Mineral County Recreation Director, Bud Gazaway.

“I am always so grateful for the time and energy everyone dedicates to our local meet,” stated Kathy Trujillo who has been the coach/facilitator for the team for the past five years. Many experienced swimmers returned this season and Coach Jim Bennett directed the daily conditioning practices.

Competing in the 15-18 age group were Miles King, Tyler Arson, Michael Wadlow, Madeline Bennett and Dylan Crittenden. “These swimmers are the mentors and role models for our upcoming swimmers,” stated Coach Bennett who works hard to make sure that each swimmer reaches their full potential.

Dylan Crittenden swept medals in every event, bringing home the gold in the butterfly, breast and back strokes. He placed second in the freestyle competition.

Madeline brought home the gold in the freestyle, a silver medal in the backstroke, and a bronze medal in the breaststroke.

Hawthorne swimmers Dylan and Madeline also both won gold medals in the Individual Medley event in Yerington. These two swimmers were deemed the king and queen of the season, as the IM competition tests individual endurance and stroke technique. Dylan’s time was 1:45.79 and Madeline’s was 2:01.67.

Competing in the 13-14 age group, representing Hawthorne, was returning swimmer Sofia Castillo-Trujillo. Swimming for the Stingrays since she was 5-years old, Castillo-Trujillo brought home multiple medals. Silver in the fly and backstroke and a bronze medal in the freestyle competition.

Returning swimmer, Shannon Straw, swept the gold medals in every event in the girls 9-10 categories. This age group has the most competitors overall and Hawthorne was also well represented by hard working 9-10-year-olds: Katelyn Bradt, Ginger Pritchard, Megan Dragon, Shawna Clark and Aurora Martin.

Jovie Riccio and Aaliyah Dancer represented Hawthorne in another large group of competitors, the 11 and 12-year old girls. Sadie Pritchard, competing in her first-ever race, brought home a bronze medal in the girls 7-8 25-meter freestyle competition.

Brand new to the team were Colin Crittenden, Charlie, Rylie and Tommie Fitzer, Lauren Dragon, Aiden Bostic and Shawna Clark. Each of these swimmers set personal records for their individual races and overcame any fears or obstacles that they encountered while competing.

Bringing home a silver medal in the 100-meter relay competition for the girls were Shannon Straw, Jovie Ricco, Sofia Castillo-Trujillo and Madeline Bennett with a time of 1:58.18. Mixed relay results in the 15-18 age group were: bronze medal for Madeline Bennett, Michael Wadlow, Sofia Castillo-Trujillo and Dylan Crittenden; 4th Place for Miles King, Shannon Straw, Jovie Riccio and Tyler Arson.

Medal meet results

25 Meter Competitions

Colin Crittenden – Breast, 9th, 1:59.98; Free, 9th, 1:34.72.

Charlie Fitzer – Free, 11th, 1:40.53.

Rylie Fitzer – Breast, 11th, 2:18.05; Free, 10th, 1:36.28.

Lauren Dragon – Back, 8th, 1:28.71; Free, 12th, 1:40.53.

Aiden Bostic – Fly, 9th, 1:09.36; Back, 8th, 1:21.06; Breast, 11th, 1:26.85; Free, 11th, 1:32.62.

Tommie Fitzer – Fly, 11th, 1:25.56; Back, 10th, 1:21.47; 100 M IM, 5th, 5:54.65; Breast, 11th, 1:23.66; Free, 12th, 1:51.34.

Shannon Straw – Fly, 1st, 29.83; Back, 1st, 30.44; 100 M IM, 1st, 2:31.66; Breast, 1st, 36.00; Free, 1st, 25.24.

Ginger Pritchard – Fly, 9th, 52.71; Back, 13th, 53.50; 100 M IM, 11th, 4:18.94; Free, 13th, 41.50.

Sadie Pritchard – Free, 3rd, 41.40.

Megan Dragon – Fly, 15th, 55.12; Back, 10th, 47.41; 100 M IM, 12th 4:31.18; Breast, 18th, 57.00; Free, 16th, 52.53.

Aurora Martin – Fly, 16th, 1:01.90; Back, 15th, 1:09.40; 100 M IM, 13th, 5:03.02; Breast, 1:01.84; Free, 18th 1:06.37.

Katelyn Bradt – Fly, 12th, 51.62; 100 M IM, 14th, 5:10.58; Breast, 17th, 55.29; Free, 17th, 58.57.

Shawna Clark – Back, 16th, 1:35.42; Breast, 14th, 52.06; Free, 19th, 1:19.69

Jovie Riccio – Fly, 6th, 1:21.91; Back, 7th, 1:22.55; 100 M IM; 6th, 2:53.32; Breast, 11th, 1:32.70; Free, 5th, 1:08.00.

Aaliyah Dancer – Fly, 7th, 1:26.20; Back, 8th, 1:22.62; 100 M IM, 10th, 3:09.67; Breast, 8th, 1:30.45; Free, 13th, 1:14.80.

50 Meter Competitions

Sofia Castillo-Trujillo – Fly, 2nd, 1:15.27, Back, 2nd, 1:01.06; 100 M IM, 3rd, 2:24.32; Breast, 6th , 1:17.61; Free, 5th, 1:02.50.

Dylan Crittenden – Fly, 1st , 48.53; Back, 1st, 47.43; 100 M IM, 1st, 1:45.79; Breast, 1st , 54:35; Free, 2nd, 40.76.

Michael Wadlow – Fly, 5th, 58.49; 100 M IM, 4th, 2:09.82; Breast, 4th, 1:01.81; Free, 6th, 52.44.

Tyler Arson – Fly, 6th, 1:07.70; Back, 5th, 1:05.20; 100 M IM, 6th, 2:22.93; Breast, 6th, 1:26.00; Free, 5th. 48.25.

Miles King – Fly, 7th, 1:07.86; Back, 4th, 1:03.97; 100 M IM, 7th, 2:26.58; Breast, 5th, 1:18.97; Free, 7th, 53.82.

Madeline Bennett – Fly, 4th, 58.98; Back, 2nd, 56.90; 100 M IM, 1st, 2:01.67; Breast, 3rd, 1:06.57; Free, 1st, 46.58.

The competitive swimming season is very short and is made possible through the help of parents and other volunteers who help get youth to daily practices and out-of-town meets. There is no cost to join the swim team because of generous donors like the Kenny Bostic Memorial Youth Athletic Fund who contributed to this year’s team. “The future of the Stingrays is bright, and I am already looking forward to next year,” Trujillo concluded.